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How to Start Your Day with Yoga

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.


I feel like I always read about how yoga is so good for you and I’m sure that we could all read up on how beneficial it is. This is a little routine that I did everyday over the summer (then I got lazy) BUT I’m determined to bring it back into my daily routine! I’m not a yoga instructor or expert but this is a great way to just clear your mind and start your day with a calm extra pep in your step! 

I like to start by taking a little moment to just take a few deep breaths and have an intention. Your intention can literally be to not think about anything for 15 min or to have a good day, to be nice today etc. Challenge yourself but make it an attainable intention/goal 

HERE is the routine: 

find a fun playlist for this! (click for yoga playlist!) 

REFLECT on your little yoga sequence– see how you feel, think about your intention, take a breather and now you can carry on with your day with a little more zen. 








Nursing student at BC who loves coffee, country music, the state of Maryland, and anything pink.