How to Start Getting Organized for Exams

Can you believe it? It’s almost time for exams! This semester has absolutely flown by and we’re almost at winter break! But before we can celebrate the holidays with our families and enjoy a much-needed break from school, we all have to face dreaded exams. For two weeks, college students all around the country will live in libraries, function on little to no sleep, and endure enormous amounts of stress. In preparation for these weeks of torture, here are some tips for how to stay organized before and during finals:

Type Your Notes/Rewrite your Notes

I like doing this because it helps me get a better grasp of how much material I need to cover for the test. It’s helpful to be exposed to everything again in bulk before narrowing in on studying specific areas of interest.

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Re-read the Syllabus

Sometimes it’s a good idea to reacquaint yourself with what you’ve covered during the semester so that you have a better idea about themes, concepts, and larger ideas. This is a good way to help organize your studying and break the material into sections.

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Print out Readings

It’s often a good idea to print out the readings from the semester if they’re online. This is helpful in having fresh, clean copies of everything so that you know you’re not missing anything. If your readings are in a book, try scanning pages or simply marking specific sections with sticky-notes.

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Utilize Sticky-Notes

Speaking of sticky-notes… use them to mark sections or lectures you feel less comfortable with. This is helpful when you go to study and you know which areas need more focus than others.

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Sticky-notes also help with this step. To help maximize efficiency while studying, prioritize areas that need the most work. This way, you don’t waste time learning things you already know and you can focus on getting a better overall understanding.

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Go to Office Hours

Making connections with your professors is always a good idea… but it’s especially important to go to office hours before an exam if you aren’t comfortable with the material. They can help teach things again or they can help you focus your studies. Can’t go wrong!

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Focus on Your Health

With so much stress, it’s easy to neglect taking care of yourself. Try to continue working out, eating well, and getting plenty of sleep! Your body will thank you :) Good luck with exams!

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