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How to Not Get Sick This Semester

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

We’ve officially reached the season where you can’t go anywhere without hearing someone cough or sneeze… *EEK*  Roommates are getting sick, classmates, professors… it’s happening. As sad as it was to kiss summer goodbye, and to start bundling up as the weather drastically changed recently, this means cold and flu season is definitely coming. Here are a few things I’ve been using to try to not get sick: 

ZICAM  I probably have a sick obsession with these nose swabs… they’re really weird but as soon as you start using them a few times a day right when you feel a cold coming on, it seems to help (might be a mental thing but either way it works). 

WATER  hydration is key and even though it is eye roll inducing to be told to drink water, it really does help. Maybe a fun water bottle can help you drink water and bring it around with you. 

EmergenC  I hate drinking a whole bottle of water thats orange flavored so I make it into a shot and take it… but these are also helpful for if you feel like you have a cold coming on (or even to take everyday) 

SLEEP  Choose sleep…. honestly its so basic but so hard to do because life happens but getting good sleep makes a world of a difference 

DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE!!!!  This is so much harder than it looks and if you think about it, it becomes even harder. When we are all touching the same door knobs and other things on campus and then touching our faces (like mouths but also eyes and nose too), it’s just a portal for germs (cue the spooky music for nursing students who know this talk all too well). SOOOOO just imagine what’s festering on every doorknob that you touch and don’t touch your face or sanitize before doing so) 


it’s hard to live with a ton of people because then you share germs among other things *GROSS* take time once a week at least to wipe down surfaces that everyone touches everyday (door knobs, key pad for the door, sink handles, desks, tables, chairs, fridge handles, microwave, countertops, toilet flushers and seats….) 

Ok so I hope this didn’t make your skin crawl and make you feel like you have to shower but hopefully these tips can help us all from getting sick! 
















Nursing student at BC who loves coffee, country music, the state of Maryland, and anything pink.