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How To Maintain Friendships Into Your Sophomore Year

Orientation friends, first-semester-floor-friends, those were said to be friends of conveniencefriends who you latch onto because you dont really have much to choose from. Plus orientation and first semester are scary times so youll take whoever you can get—lets be honest. But for every friendship of convenience made during your first year at BC, there’s two more true friendships of substance made as well. And those are the friendships worth keeping as you transition into your sophomore year. The question is, how can you maintain the good ones and stay open to new ones that may cross your path? I don’t want to lose anyone to CoRo or to their new found dance group — I want them in my life too.  


As the end of my freshman year approaches, I cant help but think—how will I maintain all of these friendships? The ones that really matter. As we move away from the freshmantopia, newton or upper, we face another divide of Lower and CoRo. Not to mention the fact that everyone is more involved in their clubs, taking more majorclasses, and are altogether more scattered.


They, the RAs, said not to live with all of your best friends, so I didnt. And now the anxiety is building. When my current roommate asked, Are we still going to be friends next year?part of my heart dropped. OF COURSE WE ARE. Part of the reason to separate was to maintain an even stronger relationship. Here’s some advice to help you maintain your best relationships:


  1. Set a day to get lunch/dinner every week

  2. Schedule specific outings off-campus

  3. Make trips down to Lower and up to CoRo for your friends

  4. Take time to get to know their new roommate and vice versa

At the end of the day a good friend is one who is always there no matter what. Yes, even if this means sprinting up—or down—the million dollar stairs, you should be there. Whether your friends are in Welch or Walsh, be there. True friendship can overcome the short walk from CoRo to Lower—you just have to make an effort!

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