How to Look Put Together for Your 8am

It’s 7:14 am on a Monday and you are trying to cherish those last 60 seconds of peace in bed before that 7:15 alarm goes off. You have 5 minutes to do hair, 10 minutes for makeup, 5 minutes to pick out an outfit, 3 minutes to find your books, and 2 minutes to brush your teeth. Before you know it, you’re running to class without your precious cup of coffee and you can barely keep your eyes open for lecture. No one ever wants to be in an 8am without caffeine. So, here are some tricks to look and feel your best for those awful 8 am mornings:

1. Lay out your outfit the night before

This may seem trivial to some, but let me tell you: it will save your life. Ok… slightly dramatic, but it is a game changer. Trying to put together even the most simple outfit in the morning takes way too long. Remember, you want to spend as much time in your cozy bed as possible so don’t waste your time in the morning looking for socks or trying on three different tops.

2. Dry shampoo and hats are key

No time to shower in the morning? That’s why the beauty world blessed us with dry shampoo! If you don’t have any, get some! It’s a quick fix to greasy hair when you don’t have time to shower. No dry shampoo? Hats will do the trick and they will also hide your unavoidable tired eyes.

3. Master the 5 minute makeup routine

 Makeup can be time consuming so try to keep your look simple and clean. BB cream, a little concealer, and mascara are my go-tos for my 5 minute look.

4. Go to bed early!

As fun as it is to stay up until 2am every night, your body will hate you in the morning. Nothing beats a good night of sleep so try and hit the sheets early every once in a while. 


Even if you are an early bird, everyone needs a little morning pick-me-up. So, make sure you save yourself enough time to grab a coffee at the Rat! Although coffee doesn’t beat sleep, it's definitely the next best thing.