How to Keep in Touch Over the Summer

Honestly, once April arrived, I found myself obsessing over summer. Every thought of mine goes something like this: 

It’s appropriate to say that I am completely preoccupied with thoughts of beaches, a severe lack of responsibility, and road trips. These thoughts, combined with the increasingly beautiful weather, are really hindering my motivation to do any schoolwork whatsoever.

Moving on from my own personal distractions—all of these thoughts of summer beg the question of how to keep in touch with your friends during the three months of recess. For many Collegiettes, they are leaving almost all of their friends for the summer. Whether people are doing a summer abroad, an internship in a different city, or heading home—everyone goes their own direction during the summer months. So, here are some tips on how to stay in touch with your friends during the upcoming months!

1. Phone calls are better than social media

Picking up the phone and calling a friend to check in is so much more personal and will ultimately make your bond stronger than just stalking them on social media. Yes, liking their pictures reminds them that you exist, but there is no feeling like getting a surprise phone call from a great friend.

2. Become pen pals!

One of my very best friends is OBSESSED with sending and receiving letters and/or postcards. I didn’t realize the value of becoming pen pals with your best friend until I sent a postcard myself. It is really a great way to keep in touch, especially if you are travelling. Sending a short note just lets your pen pal know that you are thinking of them. And who doesn’t like receiving mail?

3. If you can, pay someone a visit!

Although this may be costly (or nearly impossible in some cases), it’s definitely worth the time to carve out a road trip with your best girlfriends over the summer. Even though we all get caught up with our summer plans, it’s definitely worth it to spend some good travelling time with your best girlfriends.

There is definitely a lot to look forward to this summer, but it’s imperative to take these steps to keep in touch with your best friends so you come back to BC in the fall right where you left off!


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