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How to Get “Thrift Shop” Ready for Modstock


Okay, so you are ready to “pop some tags” and you only have “$20 in your pocket” (college budget… obvi).  Are you ready to make your outfit “f*ckin awesome?!”


That’s right BC, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s performance at Modstock is closely approaching and I am sure many of you want to know how to get “Thift Shop” ready.  Of course we all know a few bold friends you will seek a signature leopard fur “grandpa’s coat” like the one that Macklmore wears in the music video, but some of us may not be so bold.  Doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous though!


Check out some advice from Her Campus BC on how you can get a Macklemore-approved, thrift shop inspired outfit for Modstock 2013!


1. Check out the Garment District over in Cambridge.  Right off of the Kendall/MIT stop on the Red Line, this diamond in the rough has been a second-hand secret of mine.  From “By the Pound” during certain hours on certain days of the week where you literally pay a dollar for a pound of hand-me-downs, to an upstairs full of clothes organized by gender and decade, you are sure to find more than enough clothes here.  For hours and location check out their website: http://www.garmentdistrict.com

2. Clothes swap with your friends!  With the end of the semester coming up, why not make moving out easier and less hassle by getting rid of some of the old clothes you don’t want to pack up for home and switch them with your friends.

3. Yard Sale shopping.  Don’t judge yet but I have known people to find some great garments at a low cost at yard sales!  Check the newspaper for sales going on in the local area in the next weekends!

4. Legit go “thrift shopping.”  Boston.com has already made it easy for you by reviewing some of the best ones in the Boston area: http://www.boston.com/lifestyle/blogs/thenextgreatgeneration/gallery/thrift_stores_boston_area/

5. Get creative and mix and match your clothes.  Have some oversized coats, obnoxious jewels, plaid button downs, sunglasses, and other clothes lying around?  Just throw them on and make yourself fabulous.

6. Literally ask your grandpa for his coat.  If he is old enough he may even lend it to you and not remember.

7. Get creative!  Watch the music video, and make some outfits with your friends that replicate the ridiculous outfits throughout.  Anyone have a bike you can roll up to the Mod Lot in?

8. Go into the city, check out what the “hipsters” wear and ask them wear they shop.

9. Check out sales rack at Urban Outfitters!  Mix and match clothes from different seasons and different genders!

10. Wear a neon pinnie.  Never fails at a concert like this!







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