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How to Date Someone From a Rival School

Relationships are tough, but imagine dating someone who goes to one of your college’s rival schools. I have some experience with this, being that my boyfriend attends Northeastern. Here are some tips and advice on how to attend different schools with minimal rival issues.

Support them.

If they are on a sports team, maybe wear their school’s colors to one of their games. They’ll appreciate the fact that you’re willing to betray your school colors just for them. Sometimes it’s hard when Northeastern is playing BC because I do go to BC so I try to represent both. For example, one game I wore a Northeastern shirt and a BC hat. On the flipside, my boyfriend has worn maroon and gold when at a BC football game. He also reads all my Her Campus BC articles to support me.

Be proud of your school.

There is nothing wrong with having school pride. Don’t be embarrassed to wear your school shirt when you’re hanging out with your significant other on their campus. You worked your butt off to get into college and should flaunt your achievements. They should also be proud of where they go and you shouldn’t give each other a hard time for wanting to show it off.

Don’t be a sore-winner.

It’s completely fine to be proud if your school wins the Beanpot (4 years in a row…just saying), but don’t constantly remind the other that their school lost. This will just lead to a debate over which school is better and obviously each of you is going to think your school is the best, so there will be no winner in this battle.

It isn’t about school.

You’re obviously dating for reasons other than what school each of you attend, so it shouldn’t matter. If you are in a good relationship, you’ll have plenty of things to talk about besides school, like a million other things. School should be one of the last things you talk about, especially if you don’t go to the same one.

So if you are an Eagle dating a Huskie or a Terrier or even a Fighting Irish (ah!), you can make it work. Although you should have school spirit and be proud of your school, you won’t get kicked out of BC for supporting your significant other’s school.


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