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How to be a Smart Drunk

Being the typical college students that we are, we’ve all had nights when the idea “the more alcohol the better” popped into our heads. Although drinking can have its upsides, it can also put us into situations that make our sober Sunday-selves want to die of embarrassment or worry. To maybe make those weekend nights a little easier, I’m throwing out a few tips that my roommates and I have found to be key in wrapping up a successful night.

Delete numbers.

If you know you’re going to drunk-text your ex or that guy you made out with last weekend, delete their numbers off your phone. Have your friend write down the person’s number and hide it somewhere in the room. That way, you won’t text the person when you’re dying to “cuddle.” Outcome: No morning apology texts, or worse, no unwanted walk of shames.

Dirty Mouth? Clean it up.

But if you do get the chance to hook-up with that cute guy from Philosophy, make sure you have gum on you. No one wants to make out with the taste of that last Pink Lemonade Rubinoff shot.


Are you like me and have Dominos on speed dial? It’s a demon in itself. However, most of us don’t actually leave our dorms until 9:30pm or 10pm, so you have plenty of time to grab food before you go out and stick in your fridge. If it’s either the golden brown, crispy, warm chicken fingers, or the plastic-wrapped turkey and swiss sandwich, you’ll have food to feed your drunk-self.

Sandy, WATER!

If you want to avoid Spongebob’s fate, make sure you have water waiting for you when you get home after a night out. Whether it’s your BC Camelback or a Dasani bottle from the vending machine, keep the water next to your bed. You’ll thank your hydrated-self tomorrow.


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