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The flu seems to be running rampant this year, and it’s shocking I haven't gotten it yet. But, we live and we learn, and I’m here to give you some A1 tips on how to best avoid it.

  1. Get a flu shot

Don’t dance away from it like Tina Fey, it’s only gonna help you.


2. Invest in hand sanitizer

Andy Samberg agrees.


3. Do not share drinks/food.

Well, Joey doesn't share for different reasons, but you get the point.


4. Wipe Down the machines at the Plex BEFORE and after using them.

If Michael Scott sweats, so do you, wipe the machines down.


5. Wash your hands after using the bathroom

Even a chameleon can do it!


6. Clean your house/ dorm rooms

Get your friends together, put some music on, and whip that Swiffer and Clorox out!  


I mean I’m no doctor, but if you can follow these simple steps, I guarantee you will give yourself a better chance of not contracting this year’s flu!










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