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Hottest Nail Trend: BC Color Collection

Whenever I treat myself to a manicure and pedicure, I can’t help but look at the bottom of the polish bottles to check out the creative names.  I truly have wondered who the quirky, fun, and somewhat dirty-minded geniuses are that can come up with these polish color names that any girl feels she can relate to.  Over time, favorite brands such as OPI, Essie, and Shellac have had different collections inspired by travel, celebrities, holidays, and seasons.  Well, if I ever got the opportunity to somehow major in nail polish naming than I would definitely come up with a Boston College Collection.

Colors of the Boston College Collection:

Mod Mauve

Pretty in Plex Pink

Lillac and Lululemon

Golden Essie Eagle

CSOM Cranberry

Ruby in Rubenstein…the drink or the color?

Men & Women for Colors

Jewels Among Jesuits

Pretty Neutral about Newton

Blues in Bapst

Million Dollar Stairway to Heaven

Purple Preppy Popped Collar

Vineyard Vines Violet

Overachievers Orange

Hillside Espresso

With BC nail polish colors, you would be able to show even more BC pride with your manicures and pedicures!







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