Heartwarming Christmas Movies for a Night In

Sometimes it’s just one of those nights where you want to cozy up on the couch or in your bed with a bowl of popcorn and/ or some chocolate and enjoy a feel-good Christmas film. If you’re having trouble deciding which one(s) to pick, why not check out one of the ones below?

1. Love Actually

Of course this has to be on any list of feel good holiday movies. It’s about love, family, and friendship during the holidays which is normal, but the way in which it melds together the good and the bad of the Christmas season, as well as including humorous moments, makes this a must-watch film.

2. It’s a Wonderful Life

While it may start off a little dark, this movie really shows the impact one person has on those around him (or her). We all matter in big and small ways to those we interact with, even if we don’t know it. You can really see this when you watch George Bailey find out how wonderful life really is.

3. Elf

Will Ferrell as an overgrown human elf is definitely hilarious, but it also has a very real message underneath all the funny. Buddy helps show his newfound grumpy humbug father (and New York City) how to feel the real spirit of Christmas that’s been hidden under the commercialism of the season.

4. The Holiday

Before Airbnb there was Home Away, which Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet use to swap houses for Christmas in order to get away from their lives and gain a new perspective. Both women experience a different kind of life than they’re used to, but the experience proves worth it. You’ll be rooting for the romances and enjoy seeing the very different ways Christmas is spent in California and England.

5. The Polar Express

An animated Christmas movie had to make the list at some point, there are so many. The Polar Express really shows the importance of Christmas and delves into what it really means. Plus, how cool is the idea of a train that takes you directly to Santa Clause?


Enjoy a cozy night in on one of these cold winter nights and watch one these heartwarming movies while warming the rest of yourself with a steaming cup of hot chocolate.