Heading Home & How to Get Over Homesickness

As we start Columbus Day weekend, many BC students have different plans: staying on campus, going to Clemson for the football game or the ever-popular trip home. Although it is always nice to have a break and an opportunity to head home, an issue that many students face is the homesickness that may ensue after that great visit. Whether you are a senior and it is your 4th “fall break” home or you are a freshman and have been counting down the minutes till you see your parents again, here are some tips from Her Campus BC members for how to get over that homesickness.

  • Have a "family dinner" with friends once a week so that you create almost your own family here on BC campus! By the end of 4 years these friends will feel like your own siblings.
  • When you come back, text your friends immediately.  The moment you're back in your room alone, you'll think about how much you miss home.  If you're laughing and talking with friends, they provide the perfect distraction and can help you move past the homesickness.
  • Do something FUN when you get back. Don't get right to homework. Don’t sit around in your room and mope. You'll think about how much you wish you were relaxing at your house rather than toiling away at assignments.  Obviously work has to get done, but enjoy a little bit of freedom at first.
  • Admit that you are homesick.  Give your parents a call to let them know how you are feeling. Usually after a conversation that reassures you they are only a phone call away, students tend to feel a lot better as the homesickness subsides.
  • Preventative phone calls: If you are in contact with friends and family from home on a normal basis (I don’t mean this has to be every day because that could make you dependent on home), then you will feel close to them throughout the semester and homesickness may not be an issue.
  • Talk about BC with everyone while you are home. Tell people how awesome our school is because it will be a mechanism to remind you that you are truly happy here, have great friends, classes, memories and this may even make you excited to head back.
  • Start thinking about the next break you are home. By looking at a calendar, you can see that Thanksgiving break really isn’t all too far off. Between football games, midterms, Halloween and your everyday life here at BC, the time will fly by!
  • The power of SKYPE! Not only is it great to talk to people from home, but there is always something about seeing their face. 
  • Find a restaurant nearby that reminds you of that place you and your friends would go to all the time.  Whether it has the similar food or just a homey atmosphere! Some girls say that Johnny's Luncheonette or Deluxe Station Diner remind them of diners back home!

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