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HC BC Halloween Costume Contest Winners!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

This past Halloweekend, Boston College had some great Halloween costumes! Whether scary, funny, serious, sexy or creative, they were all great! This year’s 3rd Annual Her Campus BC Halloween Costume Contest had the most submissions we have ever received, and the competition was tough. After a group vote by all of our Her Campus BC team members, we have come up with our winners. 

But first we want to thank all our great submissions! Take note everyone, only 361 days until Halloween next year. Here are some great ideas for your future costume adventures!

Minnie Mouse: Submitted by Kate Sewall (2015)

Flo from Progressive Commercials: Submitted by Hilary O’Toole (2015)


Blue Man Group: Ellie McCrath, Elizabeth Blesson, Laura Nieto (2015)

Nerds: Samantha Goetz and Friends 


Holidays of Chevy 3: Christmas: Jenna Postiglione (2017), 4th of July: Molly Droscoll (2017), Easter: Christina Kalinowski(2017), St Patrick’s Day: Meghan Henneberger (2017), Valentine’s Day: Emma Geiger (2017)


Deviled Eggs: Meghan and Morgan Gibbons (2014)

Deer: Kate Conroy


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Cat Woman: Alexandra Curran (2014)


Tardis and Eleventh Doctor from “Dr. Who”: Nadya Karpova (2014) and her boyfriend


Pretty Little Liars: Blake Acquarlo and Bridget Teeking (2016)


Theta Phi Nu Sorority Sisters: Alex Donovan and Friends (2014)


Favorite Iconic Women: L-R: Hannah Dodge (Amelia Earhart), Meaghan Leahy (Rosie the Riveter), Ellen Gilmore (Lucille Ball), Shannon Barry (Audrey Hepburn), Lauren Nickl (Marilyn Monroe), Caitlin Rixey (Jackie Kennedy), Kristen Ambrose (Kate Middleton)


Star Trek’s Lieutenant Nyota & Captain Spock: Shannon Louie (2015) and Alex Agostini (2014) 


Black Eyed Peas: Kaitlin Phelan, Meghan Yap, Tim Bovery & Kyle Buckley (2016)



Soap and Loofah: Andrea Pessolano & Brittany Wetzel


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The Plastics: Emily Boches and friends (2016)  



  Kitty Purry: Katie Saxton & Ande Giancarlo (2015)


Beanie Babies: Natalia Baginski & friend


Where’s Waldo: Kelsey Damassa & friends (2014)


Three Blind Mice: Caroline Kohler and friends 


Tinkerbell: Diana Sanborn (2014)


Dunkin Donuts: Emma Lott (2014)


Orbit Gum Girl: Tori Provenzano (2014)


CatDog: Jacyln Hudock & Abby Campell


Adam & Eve: Jillian McCord & Chris McAvinn


Tom Cruise in “Risky Business” and “Top Gun”: Joshua Crespo & friend (2014)


And now for our winners…..


Dynamic Duo: Sharknado (from SyFy tv movie) and Shark Attack Victim: Jordan Parry & friend


Best Group: American Girl Dolls: Sarah Barger (Felicity), Sarah Finlaw (Josephina), Kristin Silhan (Kirsten), Erin Hoover (Samantha), Michele Rutan (Kit), Jac Bovery (Molly)


Best Pop Culture Costume: Miley Cyrus (in stages): •Samantha Schroeder (Hannah Montana), Anne Wilder (Party in the USA), Courtney Capistran (Can’t Be Tamed), Abbey Bailey (VMA Miley), Lisa Diorio (Wrecking Ball)


Most Creative: Royal Family Christening: Haley Farrell & Roommates (2014)


Thanks to all those who submitted their incredible Halloween costumes, and congrats to our winners! Winners –  expect an email from Her Campus BC about your prizes. Hope you all had a great Halloween weekend and congrats again on all the amazing costumes!

Meghan Gibbons is a double major in Communications and Political Science in her senior year at Boston College. Although originally from New Jersey, she is a huge fan of all Boston sports! Along with her at Boston College is her identical twin, who she always enjoys playing twin pranks with. Meghan is a huge foodie, book worm and beach bum