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The HC BC Challenge: Random Acts of Kindness

The HC BC staff has come up with challenges not only for ourselves, but for all students at BC, making sure that we are on track to be bold, kind, and ambitious people.

Over Christmas break, my sister came home ecstatic.  “The person in front of me at the Starbucks drive-thru paid for my drink!”  She exclaimed in utter disbelief, “it was awesome!” 

So come Christmas day, as we headed up to New York to visit my grandparents, we made a pit stop at Starbucks and decided we’d pass on the love.  My sister and I asked what the car’s order behind us was.  Eight bucks.  Ok, fab, we’ve got it, we told the barista. 

We pulled away on this fantastic high, so excited and wishing we could see their reaction.  Lucky for us, our parents’ car was behind our unknowing recipient’s, and they saw it all: the man reaching for his drinks, his eyes widening as the barista told him they were already paid for, the shouting, “REALLY! NO WAY! THAT’S AMAZING!”, and the leaning over to tell his wife and kids in the back seat.  Smiles were all around and the energy at that Starbucks window was contagious. 

Merry Christmas!

It made our day, needless to say, and seemingly theirs.

So I would like to invite you all to do the same, and to experience the fabulous sensation of a random act of kindness.  It makes you feel warm and fuzzy, but more importantly, it makes the receiver feel fantastic.  All it takes is one act of kindness, and it seems to catch on rather quickly.  Let’s spread more than mono, colds, and stomach viruses around campus, huh?  Let’s spread happiness, smiles, and little surprises. 

Need some ideas?
1.  Graciously go up to those poor point-drivers and offer meal points, and if you know you’re going to have a lot of meal money left over, donate a ton.  I’ll never forget the kid who gave $50 to my Arrupe Guatemala trip sophomore year.  It was amazing.
2.  Bring home Addie’s ice cream or a cupcake for your roommate who is stressing over a big exam.
3.  Give up your Hillside table.
4.  Bring your co-worker a coffee.
5.  Give up your elliptical or treadmill to the other person waiting in line.
6.  Pay for someone’s T ride.
7.  Buy someone’s drink at MA’s or Cityside.
8.  Take someone’s shift at work.
9.  Pay for someone’s meal behind you in the dining hall.

It’s time to get creative, and get friendly, BC.  You know, the East Coast has a bad reputation for not being nice (and I know this being a Midwestern girl)… so let’s change that, shall we?

Share your stories with us !

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Julianne is an Ohio native studying communication at Boston College with a concentration in journalism. She got involved with Her Campus BC when the chapter launched in December 2010. She began as an editor and contributing writer, and since has moved up the ranks to Campus Correspondent. Aside from working for Her Campus, Julianne is a certified personal trainer at Boston College's Flynn Recreational Complex and teaches group fitness as well. During her sophomore year, Julianne was a part of the Arrupe Program at BC and traveled to Guatemala, learning about the culture, political, social, economic, and religious issues of the country. Her goals post graduation include writing for a health and fitness magazine or working in communications for college or professional athletics. As for now, however, she is enjoying life at the University she loves so much! An avid hockey and football fan, one can always find Julianne in the stands rooting on BC and the Boston Bruins! Other hobbies include running, yoga, cooking, baking, and photography.
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