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Guys, It’s OK to Read Her Campus BC

Dear All BC Males,

So, if you’re reading this, I gather you probably read Her Campus at least once in awhile. Maybe you happen to click on an interesting link a friend posts. Maybe you hear about an article through BC Streak. Maybe you follow Her Campus BC on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and read the articles religiously. Whatever your reason, you need to realize something: you are not alone. There is no reason to be ashamed that your entire Internet history consists of www.hercampus.com/bc, https://www.facebook.com/hercampusbc, and https://twitter.com/hercampusbc. You would be shocked at how many times I’ve “caught” guys looking at Her Campus in class, in the lounge, in the library, on their phones, etc… So, here are my top 10 reasons why you should be proud to be a male Her Campus reader.

1. Her Campus is hilarious, fun, and addicting. It’s a great way to procrastinate.

2. You can find out vital information about your friends, classmates, roommates, or maybe even your crush in the Campus Cutie section.

3. It’s an easy resource to get caught up on current events that you may have missed with the properly-named article “While You Were Out: This Week’s Top News”.

4. Your Spotify playlists and Netflix “recently played” would be sorely lacking without Her Campus’ advice and reviews on music, movies, and TV.

5. Her Campus gives everyone—not just females—the tricks of the BC trade, like the best food on campus, the best deals in Boston, how to land a cool internship, and how to deal with being a caffeine addict.

6. The events calendar at the bottom of the Her Campus BC homepage gives you an easy way to figure out what great events BC and Boston are offering that week.

7. The Campus Celebrities and Blog sections keep you informed about what’s going on at BC—oftentimes including under the radar information as well.

8. You can show off all of the info you learned on Her Campus to your friends and momentarily seem way more knowledgeable than them.

9. You can better understand the female psyche. With a nearly all-girls staff, you’re getting words straight from the female mouth, which can help to understand the “unique” and awesome gender we are.

10. Finally, Her Campus is not written for one particular audience—it’s for everyone! So, go ahead. Read on, boys.


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