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Goodbye Seniors! HCBC Senior Questionnaire

As the year comes to a close it is unfortunately time to say goodbye to our Seniors. We asked them all a few questions about their time here and for their advice for our remaining years.

What’s your best BC memory?

  • Storming the field for our last home football game this year.
  • Playing Mario Kart till 4 in the morning during Final Study Days freshman year in Hardy with my 3 best friends<3 Then taking Eagle Transport to bring us back to Upper.
  • Breaking into Conte at night and looking at the stars
  • Probably every marathon Monday (for last year morning only pre bombing). It's my favorite time of year because Boston feels very united as one great city.
  • My best BC memory did not actually happen at BC but abroad. Spending fall semester of my junior year in Parma, Italy was truly an experience of a lifetime! I was able to go with my best friend and twin sister and explore the culture, history, food and people of Europe! I could not be more grateful for the amazing friends I made (the Fantastic Four) and the memories I have.
  • If I had to choose my best memory AT BC, it would be impossible to decide but would easily involve no schoolwork and any of my amazing friends here.
  • There are so many! Any time spent with all of my friends, laughing, dancing, eating, drinking and just having fun together!
  • Last day of sophomore year
  • Where do I begin? Watching BC win the Beanpot each of my four years here, storming the field after the last football game this year and attending as many ArtsFest events as possible.
  • As weird as it may sound, the moment I felt most part of this school and grateful to be here, was in the aftermath of the marathon bombings last spring. In the wake of tragedy, I think communities always come together, and I don't know that I really have ever felt like BC was one place, one community, and that I was a part of it, besides that day. I was amazed by the kindness of those around me, as I sat with my classmates, shell-shocked in the mods. Girls were going door to door with phones that could get calls through, so that everyone could reach their loved ones. Guys, letting go of the stereotypical careless prep, consoling each other. Everyone in tears, but somehow, stronger all the same. It was a privilege to witness the resilience of our community on campus, and of Boston as a whole. I was amazed at how much support the runners were given, how quickly everyone joined together to make sure we all knew where our friends were, and if they were okay, and then the support and empathy our teachers all gave to us as we tried to make sense of that day and the ones to follow. In the silence and the fear, there was something greater, something stronger, and something I still can't put into words, one year later. Marathon Monday is always memorable, but who of us will ever forget the dichotomy of that day? The sunshine, the warmth, the jubilation, and then the eerie quiet, the tears, the way everything changed so fast. I felt so proud to be from Boston, and in Boston, and at BC, and I don't think that memory will ever fade.

What’s your favorite HCBC article?

Our amazing HCBC Seniors who have written, publicized and truly inspired the Her Campus BC team during their time here!
  • My favorite HC BC article has to be an article that I read quite a few years ago but I still remember it! It was called "Mother Knows Best" and included great lessons our mothers have taught us!
  • My favorite HCBC article that I wrote had to be my Thankful for Parents Advice article cause I loved reading all the things that team members are thankful for and it really reminded myself and our readers of how fortunate you are.
  • The Disney one I wrote about graduating- "Advice from the wise words of Disney"
  • My favorite HC BC article was the one where I learned that I could put Vaseline at night on my eyelashes to help them grow!
  • The campus cutie ones
  • Places to go on a first date
  • My favorite HC BC article that I ever wrote was one of my early ones titled, "Mother Knows Best: Advice You Probably Should Have Listened To." This article means a lot to me because it was one of my first articles for Her Campus BC; I was never on newspaper in high school or took a journalism class but I knew two things: I love to write and I love my mom! These two things were inspiration for me and really pushed me to write this article. I think in college we can all relate to having our mom's voice in our head and not wanting to admit that she was right many times. My mom is my best friend as well as a wealth of knowledge and therefore I was so happy to be able to share this article with HCBC readers. (Plus it made my mom cry).
  • One of my favorite HC BC articles that I read would have to be "The Worst Dating Advice We Have Ever Heard" by Christina Leme. Christina is an excellent write who is able to put those sarcastic thoughts we are all thinking into a well-written article. This article had the perfect balance of satire and relevancy that I loved!
  • Not so much an article as it was a video...back when Sh*t ___ Say videos were big, HC BC did one for BC and I just love to rewatch it because it's embarrassingly true.
  • Campus cutie Jen and Jordan

What advice would you give to the incoming freshman class?

  • The only person that you have to please is yourself. Although we often suffer from FOMO, you have to listen to your head and your heart about what you want to do, who you want to be friends with and when you may be pushing your limits and running on fumes. With a great group of friends, projects you are working on that you have a passion for, and a guilty pleasure that you allow yourself to indulge in than you are sure to be happy!
  • Relax
  • Don't not do something because you're afraid or don't want to do it alone or think it might not be cool. Basically do everything you want to do and don't put it off until next year or next week because you may never get to it so it's important to seize the opportunities you have when you have them and make the most of your time at BC.
  • Just enjoy every moment and every laugh
  • Do everything, try everything and embrace who you are becoming
  • Get involved early
  • It is not about completing your core or mastering your major, it is about taking advantages of all the opportunities here at BC and finding yourself along they way. There is no set path here at BC towards excellence, there are only the resources so take advantage of them, be honest with yourself, have conversations with EVERYONE and be grateful for where you are!
  • Enjoy and savor every minute. Everyone tells you it goes fast, but honestly it goes faster than you could possibly imagine.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it, there is so much goodness on this campus and that's the beauty of BC - its heart. Join Cura if you want to meet some new people and have some really good discussions. It's one of my favorite parts of BC. On a less serious level, go to as many BC games as possible. It is an absolute thrill to be so integral to your team and I don't think there's anything like that feeling after graduation.
  • Go to office hours. Bring your papers, or your questions, or just yourself and an excuse to get to know your teacher. They'll help you be a better student in their class, so it'll be easier to do all your assignments and (likely) get a higher grade. Plus, you'll earn their respect, get to see them as humans, have easy access to letters of recommendation, and be a better student overall. Do your homework, don't skip class, but definitely go to office hours at least twice in a semester. When you work smart, you don't need to work nearly as hard!
  • Also, don't be afraid to try classes for fun, to take things pass/fail, and to step out of your comfort zone. Never again will you have access to so many opportunities, so many interesting people, and so much information. You might discover a new passion in a class, or an issue that you want to study further. I've had classes outside my major that have made me want to change my major altogether, and met professors who have changed me as a person. Get excited about learning, more than you're afraid of doing well or making all the "right" choices for your career. You have time to figure it out, and you will figure it out, but don't limit yourself. You get electives every semester, give at least one to something you take entirely for fun or for interest, even if it might not "make sense" for your concentration.

What will you miss the most about BC?

  • I will miss the feeling of family and camaraderie that exists on the BC campus. Whether it be in a time of victory or distress, I really feel like the BC community always is there to support each other. I have been so proud to be a BC Eagle and I will miss knowing that in every class, every dining hall and on every shuttle ride I am surrounded by great people!
  • I will miss everything about this place that has become my home and the people here that have become my family. I will also miss the group fitness classes in the Plex like crazy.
  • Talking about love and life with my best friends by the Ignatius Statue <3
  • Sitting outside in the springtime with my friends watching everyone be happy on the quad
  • My friends and the volunteer experiences I’ve had.
  • The frips of Hillside and social acceptability of dartys and naps. Just kidding, I guess what I will most about BC (as vague of an answer as this is) will be the atmosphere around me and that I am a part of here at Boston College. I will miss how easy it is to see all your best friends at the same time (in your pajamas at 3 in the morning if needed), how conveniently conversations about faith, friendship and finding yourself occur with professors and students and Late Night always being there for me after those epic nights out!
  • Being able to walk across either the hallway or the street and having all of my friends right there.
  • BC Hockey, ArtsFest, 10:15 mass, Cura, the Jesuits, St. Mary's, Marathon Monday and, most of all, the amazing people I've met here.

Good luck Seniors! We will miss you!




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