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Good Morning, Inspiration!!


Disclaimer: Please read with caution.  This article is meant to be a funny satire.  The opinions expressed in this article do not reflect the authors’ or Her Campus BC’s feelings towards or positions on any of the topics covered below. Thank you for your understanding.


Listen, we’ve all been there.  It can be hard to wake up in the morning, and even harder to motivate yourself to put in the time to successfully look like a human being.  But don’t worry; that’s what I’m here for.  With a little help from my friends Miracle, Hooisers, Mighty Ducks and Rudy, the following should give you the strength you need to make it through this challenging time.

Great moments are born from great opportunities.  And that’s what we have here this morning.  I know when that Swedish House Mafia came blasting out of your phone just now you thought about hitting snooze.  You considered resetting it to thirty minutes later – after all, you don’t really need that shower, do you?  Yes.  Yes you do.   I can see you now, contemplating dragging your exhausted, lifeless body out of bed and going with the third-day-of-dirty-hair ponytail.  That cute boy from your philosophy class won’t notice anyway, right?  Nay.  You are more than yesterday’s questionable lunch and your decision to skip class; you are a smoke show waiting to happen.

I hear your roommate saying, “Eh, today might just be a sweatpants day.”  Are you really going to take that?  Wake up on this fine day and just take it?  Today is full of potential – you never know who you might meet, what professor you may need to impress, or what horribly embarrassing incident you may need to make a clean escape from with a fabulous outfit.  This is your room too, and no friend, roommate or significant other can deem today a sweatpants day.  No one, and I mean no one, comes into our house and pushes us around.

I know times like these can be hard.  This early in the morning, you may even be questioning the very core of your getting-ready routine.  But take a moment and remember.  Remember what got you here: focus on the fundamentals that we’ve gone over time and time again.  Personal hygiene, leggings, scarves.  If we follow these basic rules of socially acceptable attire at Boston College, there is no way we can fail.   So you go open that broken window shade and look outside.  Do you see all of those beautiful people?  See their matching Longchamps, JCrew sweaters and boots?  Do you really want to let them down?  No, no you don’t.  So get up, and get yourself dressed.  Because we are the eagles, and eagles fly together.


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