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Going Home for the First Time

After I finish my last final exam, I will be going back home for the first time since arriving here in late August. I’m SO EXCITED to be back in The Mitten (what we affectionately call Michigan), but I’m realizing I’m going to miss The Heights and all the memories made from my first semester at BC. Here are ten things I’m excited for and ten things I could do without once I arrive back home.

What I Can’t Wait For:

  1. My beagle, although he’s ten, he acts like he’s two and I can’t wait to see the little stinker when I get home.
  2. Sleeping in my own bed.
  3. Cooking/preparing my own food again. Mac, you will not be missed.
  4. Seeing my baby cousins who were two months old when I left, so now they’ll be crawling all over at the Christmas party.
  5. Driving my car again, I’ve missed my Jeep.
  6. Having no responsibilities and no reasons to stress over schoolwork.
  7. Seeing my parents! As excited as I was to live on my own, I’m definitely going to be happy to be under their roof again.
  8. Seeing my group of friends from high school, because just as the saying goes, distance really does make the heart grow fonder.
  9. Visiting my high school because the teachers I had deserve to know how awesome they are and how well they prepared me to succeed in college.
  10. Going back to my local gym on a regular schedule, I miss my favorite instructors and their motivation!

Things I’m Not Excited for:

  1. The snow and the cold and the ice. Winter hasn’t hit Boston yet but by the pictures I’ve seen of home, Michigan is not lacking in that department.
  2. Running into people I don’t want to see everywhere I go (aka 75% of my high school class).
  3. Taking down all the Christmas decorations.
  4. Being asked how school is going, if I have a boyfriend, and what I plan to do with my life.
  5. Having all my high school friends go back to school before I do.
  6. Working part-time at my summer job.
  7. Driving in Michigan winters.
  8. Pretending I want to go to the New Year’s Eve party with my graduating class.
  9. Being away from the city.
  10. Being hundred of miles away from people who are now my best friends.






Diana is a freshman at BC this year majoring in biology on a pre-med track. In her limited free time she enjoys running the res, finding the best fro-yo places around, and spending time with the awesome people she's met!
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