Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Trailer Revealed

Ever since this summer, I have been counting down the days until the Netflix event that continues the story of Lorelai and Rory and the rest of the Stars Hollow crew. Netflix revealed that the event is a four-part series of 90-minute chapters and that each episode will cover one season, thus making the four-part event a year in the life of the Gilmore girls. And thankfully, as the release date of November 25th nears, more information keeps being released to keep us impatient fans in check. This past week, the trailer for the series was revealed, giving us a mere peek into the storylines that will consume our computers during Thanksgiving weekend.

In this brief glimpse, the old familiar favorites that made us originally fall in love with the show are still present. Lorelei and Rory still have their goals-worthy mother-daughter relationship, the dialogue is still fast-paced, and Emily Gilmore is still lovably crazy.  However, the trailer shows lots of new dynamics as well. Richard Gilmore is dead, Rory is at a crossroads in her life, and Kirk is at Friday night dinner- how did that happen? 

While all these new dynamics are sure to create some great story lines, the story line that is on everyone’s mind the most is that of Rory’s love life. Will it be Dean, Jess, or Logan? Will she not choose any of them, but end up by herself or with an entirely new love interest? Ever since I was a young girl watching this show, I’ve been on team Jess. The fact that he is the only one of Rory’s suitors to speak in the trailer gives me hope that Rory has somehow heard me yelling at her through the TV to pick Jess.  

While trying to make predictions about the Netflix Gilmore Girls Event keeps my mind occupied during my boring lectures, the only way to know for sure what happens is to watch on November 25th. I plan to spend that day on the couch with my mom, watching all 360 minutes of Gilmore Girls and eating leftover Thanksgiving dinner. I hope that you take the time to revel in your past favorite show and spend the day in a similar manner.  

Catch the trailer here:!