Getting Off Campus During Finals

Maintain your sanity this finals week by taking some time to get away from BC. Spring finals make this so easy because the weather is generally gorgeous and Boston really comes alive in the Spring. So whether you need some solo time, an outing with friends, or a new place for a date, check out these fun Boston spots!

Boston Commons

There are so many fun things to do in and around the commons. Explore the restaurants and stores in the area, go for a run through the commons, have a picnic with your friends, or bring some reading and enjoy getting work done in the sunshine.


Spring is great because it is baseball season! How can you say you live in Boston without going to a Red Sox game each season (even though I just went to my first one this month and I’m a junior oops)? Convince your friends to all go to a game and make a whole day out of it.

New England Aquarium

This is one of Boston’s greatest attractions, but it is pretty far from campus so most BC students tend to forget about it. Robsham offers free tickets and the area is so nice this time of year, you have no excuse to not go at some point before the end of the year.

The North End

The North End is home to some of the best food in Boston, but it is also one of the prettiest areas in Boston. It has an old world feel that will make you forget all about campus and finals.

Movie Theaters

Going to see a movie is great for a short trip off campus. You don’t need to commit a whole afternoon, but you still get all the benefits of leaving BC for a little while. With so many theaters in the area and a ton of fantastic movies out, how can you not go?

Harbor Islands

These islands are great for when the weather gets really warm. You take a ferry to one of the islands, and get to spend all day in the sun! After months of cold snow and rain, what could be better than that?

Museum of Fine Arts

If you or your friends have any interest in art, take a trip to the MFA. They are always adding new pieces and exhibits, and there will be countless things for you and your friends to talk about.

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