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Get to Know Cutie Alex Flores!


Meet this week’s HC BC Campus Cutie, senior Alex Flores! Alex is a Boston sports loving senior who was Comm. Ave born and raised. I think you’ll find it apparent why HC BC loves Alex Flores. 


The Basics:

Name: Alex Flores

Hometown: Newton, MA

School/Major: A&S 2014, Communications with a Pre-Med minor (haha joke)


BC Life

Activities/Clubs: Intern at Open View Venture Partners, apple picking, intramural softball & soccer, looking good, dressing nice, stealing girls’ hearts, and fixing things around the house

Best Class: First Year Writing Seminar

Worst Class: Weather, Climate, and the Environment

Upper or Newton: Upper – Claver City

Bapst or O’Neill: Neither, O’Connell House

Favorite Place to Eat: Beans, Creams & Dreams


Love Life

Single/Taken: Taken

Ideal Girl: Somebody a little silly and smart who likes to eat pizza

Deal Breakers: A girl who is too into herself

Ideal Date: 11 words – roller coasters in the morning, afternoon stroll in the park, nighttime sorbet

Funny Date Story: In 9th grade, I tried to break up with my girlfriend and my mom came down with a plate of Chinese food. I never thought there would be a bad time for pork-fried rice.


Behind the Scenes

Biggest Pet Peeve: Disorganization

Most Embarrassing Moment: Freshman to sophomore year haircut

Favorite Movie: Anything with Ryan Gosling

Favorite TV Show: Mad Men

Favorite Song Right Now: “Express Yourself” by Labrinth

Favorite Artist: Kanye West

Celeb Crush: Scarlett Johansson

Favorite Hangout Spot On Campus: Carney Basement

Advice to Freshmen: Don’t get caught up in the BC culture.

Fun Fact: I’m the youngest of five with four older sisters and I’m half Latino.


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