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Flats: It’s a Lifestyle

We all know the BC Girl’s uniform isn’t complete without a classic pair of riding boots, but I have to say, as a girl who isn’t a native of the Northeast, my favorite type of footwear is without a doubt flats. With all the beauty of a good heel but without the painful element of walking in heels all day, flats have been my go-to since high school. Unfortunately, the Boston weather is not conducive to exposing the tops of your feet to the elements – hence the boots (with at least 2 layers of socks underneath, in my case).

But alas, spring has sprung and you can bet my flats were making their seasonal debut the first day the temperature broke 50 degrees. That same day I was on Nordstrom.com and other trusted shopping sites looking to improve my collection of flats. So I guess it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to say my relationship with flats is borderline obsessive, but to mask this I decided to call my hours of online shoe-shopping “research” and write an article!

In my serious search for the flats of the spring season, I came across a few styles that are out there right now that are absolute perfection. Read on for suggestions for your own collection! And if you end up researching shoe options instead of critical reviews for that paper due tomorrow… no judgment here.

Sam Edelman

First and foremost, let me tell you right now, that if you do not own a pair of Sam Edelman’s “Felicia” flats, you are seriously missing out on one of the greatest joys. They are hands down the most comfortable and adorable flats I have ever seen or worn. I only have two pairs as of now, but if I could live in one pair of shoes for the rest of my life, the Felicia flats would be it. In the classic ballet style, they come in a number of different colors and textures to match any outfit you could ever wear. I love my staple black pair and am currently holding this snakeskin pair in my Nordstrom online shopping cart.


Yes, it’s true – our favorite boot brand does in fact make flats. Guaranteed quality, these flats are made with the same care that their boots are known for. The “Carson” ballet flat is my favorite style, and while it comes in the typical colors like black and camel, they have some fun colors for spring like this light green color!

Side-less flats

I love the new style of flat that is out there with cutouts on the side. They instantly class-up the flat style and make the look more chic! The pointed toe dresses it up even further! This style makes a statement and I love it. From Halogen, the “Kayla d’Orsay” flat is one of my favorites and you can find it at Nordstrom.

One of the BC girl staple brands, Tory Burch, has also hopped on this trend!

Ankle strap

Another great trend is the flats with an ankle strap. They can be perfectly paired with a sundress or cuffed jeans. Get a colorful pair to spice up a classic jeans and white tee look or wear a neutral pair with a little detail to accompany a white sundress.


I could probably go on for days about the versatility and general awesomeness of flats, but I’ll stop here to spare you the time so you can get shopping! The perfect pair of flats is out there waiting for you right now! And if you have any favorites to recommend, please let me know. Seriously.


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