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The First Week of School

Ahhhhh, a new semester. While you get a fresh start with new classes and new people, there are a few things during the first week of school that are always the same…

It’s move in day, which means you get to spend time with select family members in a small enclosed space as you unpack what you quickly realize to be way too much stuff.

You know they are trying to help but it’s your stuff, you know where you want it, you’re getting hot, and you’re hungry!

Finally all moved in, your parents take you out to eat one last time…

They drop you back off at your dorm, you take off your shoes, and lay on your bed that your mom made for you before she left—but before you jump up you take a moment to realize it will most likely never look that nice again.

Now its night time and all your roommates are moved in too. You begin your gossip as if it was never interrupted by summer—a word that now seems strangely foreign. 

Alas, syllabus week…day…maybe? Whatever it is enjoy it while it lasts. You pray the professors of your one hour and fifteen minute classes don’t pull the evil move of beginning a lecture on day one instead of letting you out early.

But they will, they always do.

Now you have accurately decided what classes will be a breeze and which ones will repeatedly make you reevaluate your choice to further your education.

You get out your cute new planner before it becomes filled with the wrongdoings of assignments and exams. Regardless, you have just tacked extreme organization.

Looking through your freshly vandalized planner, you can confidently announce the exact weeks you will face something I like to call a “stress death”. 

You decide it’s too early to think about, and instead go to the gym…

You quickly find that it is swimming with students that have not yet been loaded down with assignments.

Chances are there are ZERO treadmills and you don’t feel like waiting so you leave (as you walk away you realize you are pleasantly relieved and that you didn’t actually want to work out anyway). 

You go back to your dorm, plop on your bed, and take a nap.

It’s been a long few days… only 15 weeks to go.





















Mikaela Rice Sophomore in A&S Environmental Geoscience
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