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First Date Spots On Campus

All of your hook-ups in the Mods have led up to this moment: your first date with a new fling. But, you’ve got classes, extracurricular activities, and yeah, sleep is important too. So, you can’t spare the time (or let’s face it, the cash) to head somewhere extravagant. HC BC has you covered with the best on-campus date spots to woo your crush.

The Chocolate Bar

Using your meal plan instead of cash is always a plus. Grab some gelato or a latte and just talk. Get to know your date in a low-pressure situation. But make sure you pick an off-peak time or you won’t be able to get a seat!

The Labyrinth

This little known location in front of Bapst is the perfect spot for relaxing. Grab some White Mountain (technically you have to leave campus for this, but cut me some slack here y’all) and a couple of spoons and chow down. Take some Instagram-worthy selfies and enjoy yourself!


Waiting in line for your custom pizza is the perfect time to chat about your mutual hatred for BC dining. Then slide into one of those coveted Addie’s booths and people watch over the edge while you sip on Italian sodas.

Fulton Lobby

Have you heard the rumor that Fulton’s lobby is inspired by The Wizard of Oz? See if you and your date can spot all of the similarities. Spending an hour or two in one of campus’s most underrated lounge spots is sure to light a fire in your relationship.

There you have it, ladies. Four of the best on campus date spots. Though for your second date, you should probably leave the BC bubble.

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