Finals? More Like Procrastination

With finals approaching quickly (bleh), many of us are already starting to plan out how we will spend our time. This day will be spent writing that paper, that day will be spent reviewing everything you ever learned in that class. The thought of studying for finals is slightly nauseating, as all any of us want to be doing during the last week of the semester is lazing around with our friends.

We all have that friend who is notorious for camping out in the library. She arrives at 9 AM and doesn’t leave until 11 PM. She packs breakfast, lunch, and dinner and only leaves the library to get a Hillside coffee and maybe a cookie if she’s feeling lucky. She takes pride in her ability to study for hours on end. But according to a number of studies, studying for hours on end without breaks is no good. You’re better off taking breaks every hour or so to keep your mind fresh and to help retain information.

What’s better for break time in the library than the Internet? Here are some websites that are ideal for break time or procrastination, whether it lasts for 10 minutes or a few hours.

StumbleUpon. Stumble is great when you don’t quite know what you want to look at online. Just set your interests and click the glowing orange button and let StumbleUpon work its magic. It will present link upon link about literally everything, from fitness tips to recipes to cool Earth pictures to weird facts.

Buzzfeed Buzzfeed is known for its hilarious lists on things from Simple College Snack Hacks to 26 Flawless Pictures of JFK to 23 Signs You’re Obsessed With Christmas. The website now has videos, so make sure to bring your headphones with you to your study space!

Thought Catalog Sometimes Thought Catalog articles make me cry; other times I nearly pee myself laughing at them. Whatever mood you’re in, TC has something to match it. If you watch New Girl, you’ll love this post with 33 Hilarious Schmidt Quotes.

Her Campus DUH! HC covers everything from current events and style to beauty and career advice. Written by college women around the country, HC is the go-to website for any good college procrastinator.

Refinery29 The amount of time that I spend on R29 is horrifying. Their articles are the absolute best. They post mouth-watering recipes from awesome bloggers, fashion advice, shopping deals, and more. R29 articles always catch my eye; sign up for their email list so that you never miss a great story!

Well and Good NYC You’ll really love this site if you’re from the tri-state area. Well+Good is all about what is happening in NYC. They focus on fitness, beauty, travel, advice, and food. What else is there to life, really? They post a “Refrigerator Look Book” once a week, which gives you a look into the refrigerators of health and fitness gurus. Warning: may cause you to salivate in the library.

Food Porn Daily Only visit FPD if you are eating or just ate. Seriously, do not go on this site if you’re the slightest bit hungry. Click the picture that FPD gives you and it will generate a new photograph of a mouth-watering delicacy. NOM.

Sporcle If you’re looking to test your knowledge on anything and everything, head to Sporcle, where thousands of quizzes await. There are quizzes on everything from NHL Most Points Per Game to European Countries Ending In ‘A’ to Reality TV Show Hosts. Get to quizzing, people.

Betches Love This BLT is “the betchy girl’s bible, reaffirming her beliefs about herself and the universe, and guiding her through situations a betch might encounter…” Head to Betches “to deal with your problems when you have no problems.” The site is superficial, occasionally offensive, and much as I hate to admit, pretty funny. Warning: if you hate the betch, you’ll probably just be enraged by this site.

Hulu and Netflix These two are the obvious go-to’s for TV and movie watching. Netflix is ideal if you want to watch an entire series (hello, Greys Anatomy and Orange Is The New Black). Hulu is great if you’re looking to watch a clip from a show or the most recent episode of you favorite series that you missed due to the final that you were studying for.

Facebook and Twitter If you’re in the mood to stalk the life out of someone (or just catch up on the latest news), FB and Twitter are the obvious choices. I don’t need to tell you what great time-wasters they are.

Happy procrastinating!


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