Fifteen Thoughts Every Girl Has Going Out in the Winter

It's no doubt that summer and fall are the ideal times to go out. The outfit options are endless: you can strut your stuff in your cutest wedge and rock adorable sundresses. No matter what you wear you are sure to never overheat in Walsh or the Mods. But, we all decided to go to school in Boston and generally venture out of hibernation on the weekend, so we have to learn to adjust to snow. Here are twenty thoughts every girl almost undoubtedly has when she braves the arctic tundra (the blizzard is real 2015) to go out for the weekend.

1. You undoutbly do not want to emerge from underneath your covers. They are warm, happy and safe.

2. If you do not emerge from your covers, someone (probably a friend who just wants you to have fun) will drag you out kicking and screaming.

3. Do you want to even waste time doing your hair since the she devil that is mother nature will probably ruin it with all the snow.

4. No, I have to do my hair.

5. Can I just wear a parka and leggings? That’s a going out outfit that my Mom would approve of #practical (Andy looks super comfy).

6. I hate that I am wearing a tank top in the winter. I am an actual crazy person.

7. But like I look good, though.

8. It should be a thing that you can wear bean boots when you go out.

9. Booties are basically winter death traps.

10. I can wear my booties, and I will just walk slowly.

11. There is black ice everywhere. How can I possibly be expected to walk anywhere?

12. I have to take Uber.

13. Surge charge sure is better than walking through the death trap that is winter.

14. Okay so the Uber was probably not the best idea since I am broke. But I am sticking by my decision, especially since they already charged my account. 

15. This party isn’t even that fun. I’m going to late night.


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