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Feelin’ Warm, Lookin’ Cool: 7 Costumes You Need This Halloween

This Halloweekend (Friday, October 28- Monday, October 31), The Weather Channel is predicting the temperature to drop into the low 40’s, which is a real bummer for those of us who like to go all-out in the costume department. There will always be those brave souls who face the elements head-first, whether it be in their tropical button-ups, crocs, or fishnet stockings. Those are the true warriors of Halloween. Although I tip my hat to those courageous individuals, you will never catch me exposing myself to the cruel elements, and Halloween is certainly not an exception. Below, you’ll find my top 7 Halloween costumes that will keep you feeling warm and looking cool.

*Disclaimer: This list will progress from Most Do-able to Most Daring! Reach out of your comfort zone this year and try to pull off #2, or even #1!

7. Cruella de Vil

For starters, this costume requires gloves AND a coat, so you’re guaranteed to stay warm all night. I call this trick the “Jacket Hack,” which incorporates outerwear as a part of the costume, so that you’re not A) freezing to the core, or B) hiding an amazing costume underneath your Canada Goose (or in my case, an 80% off ZeroXposure jacket from the clearance rack from Macy’s.) Cruella’s look is glamorous, iconic, and sure to be a head-turner- how could you miss that salt and pepper bedhead? For only $4.99 (Target), you can purchase temporary hair color spray and skip the wig entirely! To complete the look, I recommend heading to your nearest thrift store (my personal favorite is The Garment District off of MIT/Kendall Station) to purchase a cheap faux fur coat! While the dog makes a great touch to the costume, the dog is optional since you’re might lose it somewhere between in the Mods, anyway.

6. Macklemore

Among all of the DIY Macklemore costumes featured on Pinterest, Charlie (pictured above) absolutely killed the game. Here we have Jacket Hack #2. This time, you’re headed to that thrift store to purchase the loudest, most tacky animal print jacket you can find. Found a cheap faux mink scarf? Even better. The other items left for this costume can be found in your own closet: black jeans, a graphic tee, and sneakers (so you can keep that $20 in your pocket.) Optional items include an XL Slurpee from 7-11, a mini keyboard, and a comically large gold chain. This look is awesome for blondes, especially, because Macklemore rocks a clean side-part with a poof of hair on top. No wig necessary. Effortless and sleek.

5. Mummy

If my mom has taught me ONE thing in my lifetime, it is that Under Armour is your best friend in the winter. Dressing as a mummy for Halloween, although cliché and admittedly not the most glamorous, is one of your ONLY opportunities to be covered from head to toe without having to climb into a Morph Suit. Here’s the trick: Long sleeved white compression shirt, white compression pants or tights (check for fleece-lined leggings), and a white knit hat. I’d recommend Under Armour or Nike, but if you’re balling on a budget like me, I’d even trust brands like Champion or Hanes. Then, have a friend wrap you GENTLY from head to toe in distressed medical gauze (CVS sells self-adhesive medical gauze for $6.79.) This is such a practical and easy look to complete, but make sure not to leave a trail of gauze down Comm Ave!

4. Yeezy Collection Model (Seasons 1-3)

You have to be very careful with this costume: there is a fine line between looking like a Yeezy model and looking homeless. Luckily for you, you probably already own all of these costume components! These are probably the articles of clothing that you packed at the very bottom of your suitcase saying, “I might use this one day…” Well, here is your chance! Break out those ill-fitting hoodies and vomit-colored stockings, because they’ve been given new life! All thanks to Kanye’s Fall 2016 Ready-To-Wear Collection. With the recent hype over the Saint Pablo Tour and the cult-following of the Kardashian family, you’ll be decked out in the most fashion-forward costume on campus.

3. 1996 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Okay, so you’re worried about losing your cheap yet quintessential thrift-store jacket among the 70 bodies stuffed into a Walsh 8-man, and you feel that the mummy look doesn’t have the sex appeal you’re looking for. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with this next one. Dwayne Johnson is all the rage right now, considering his leading roles in the hilarious comedy “Central Intelligence” (featuring Kevin Hart), the very unnecessary remake of “Jumanji” (also featuring Kevin Hart), and the much-anticipated Disney animation “Moana” (unfortunately not featuring Kevin Hart.) Dad jeans, black belt, black turtleneck, gold chain. It’s so simple. A leather fanny pack might be difficult to acquire these days, but luckily I brought mine to college and I’m willing to let someone borrow it for Halloweekend. (It’s a relic from my dad’s glory days in the 90’s, so you know it’s legit.) Seriously, contact me if you want to borrow it, this is a real offer. Aaaaanyway, my point is that the Dwayne Johnson turtleneck will feel like a God-sent after that midnight Massachusetts wind hits you hard this Halloween.

2. Zombie Version of Yourself

This one is not for the faint of heart. Also, some experience with makeup or painting is recommended, so please reach out to a friend to help you pull off this gruesome and unforgettable look! There are thousands of how-to’s and video tutorials to help you create your ideal zombie look, so you should do some research before diving into this! You can find basic “Zombie Makeup Kits” at Target and Party City for up to $12, but as cheap as $4! The best part about this costume: You can wear WHATEVER YOU WANT. One idea for your zombie-self outfit would be to keep on the exact outfit you had worn to class earlier that day. Another idea is to throw on your Boston College gear to be a Zombie SuperFan! There are so many possibilities with this costume, it all boils down to how daring you’re willing to be.

  1. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial  

We’ve finally reached #1, and I’m sure you’re really confused. This seems insane, I know, but hear me out on this one: this UNFORGETTABLE image of ET wrapped in the blanket is instantly recognizable. It’s 1982, he’s on the bike with Elliott (perfect couples costume btw), they’re going to do the whole moon thing, yadda yadda. The important aspect of this costume is the warmth factor. Think about the last time you swaddled yourself — no— burrito’d yourself up in a cozy blanket. Remember how comfortable you were at that moment? Now, take that feeling, but apply it to another setting: You on Halloween, at Lower, with a steaming plate of mozzarella sticks and chicken tenders sitting in front of you, as you are wrapped in your softest blanket. I genuinely could not think of anything more comfortable, which is why ET has made his way up to the #1 spot. I might have a bit of a bias since “the ET” is my go-to position to do homework (as seen above), but TRUST ME on this, if you walk around campus bundled up in a blanket in the “low 40’s” wind during Halloweekend, you are guaranteed to make many, many people jealous.

You have about two weeks to choose your Halloween costume(s), so chose wisely and be conscious of how harsh October in Massachusetts can get! Good luck, and I hope to see everyone as warm as me on Halloween night!










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