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Family Dinner with the Boys of 235 Foster

Looking for an alternative to the typical Thursday night bar scene? Let’s be honest, we both know you don’t want to go to Arc. If you want to: 1. Meet new people, 2. Get to know acquaintances better, or 3. Want to eat some real food, consider putting together a dinner party as a bar-scene substitute.   

Last Thursday, I had “family dinner” with the 235 Foster clan. Each roommate got to have a plus one over for an awesome dinner cooked by the guys themselves. Hands down the best Thursday night I’ve had this year.

 The perks of going to school in Boston? You’re bound to know someone who can cook authentic Italian meals. One guy’s mom is from Sicily, so we basically got the North End in an off-campus house. Chicken Parmesan, linguini with alfredo garnished with fresh basil, three-cheese baked ziti, a Caesar salad, and sides. And wine, of course.

The guys of 235 Foster set out for a classy night. Asking for dressy casual attire and playing Frank Sinatra really prepared for the perfect, sophisticated night.

The only thing that bothered me during the night was, “Why don’t more people do this?” Not only did I get to eat an actual meal while off-campus, but I also got to know the Foster guys and their plus one’s a lot better. Having people over for a home-cooked meal should seem obvious, but most of us don’t get our acts together that well. It was so much to have to dinner with friends in a more intimate setting than Hillside.

I highly recommend following suit of the 235 Foster guys and having a few friends over to eat, drink, and be classy. 

Born and raised in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Kelly is a Senior at Boston College studying Communications and Marketing. She loves the fashion and beauty industries. She's had lots of experience with women and their tastes, given her all-girls high school background. At BC, she's involved in Strong Women Strong Girls, Student Admissions Program, and is an account management intern for Hill Holliday . When she catches a break, Kelly spends an obscene amount of time on Buzzfeed, rewatching Breaking Bad on Netflix, and attempting to workout.