Everything You Need to Know About Students for Sexual Health

You know those people who pass out condoms outside Mac? Of course you do! Those are Students for Sexual Health (SSH for short). They are a non-official club at BC who “fight for the health, education, and resources that students need and deserve.” One of the things that SSH does is pass out condoms every Friday, alternating each week from CoRo to Lower. But they do so much more than this.


Their mission statement reads:


SSH is a health advocacy organization committed to improving sexual health education and resources for all students at BC. We aim to provide students with access to contraceptives, spread comprehensive information about sexual health, and foster sex-positive dialogues on campus. We seek to engage with the health of the whole person-emotional, social, environmental, physical, spiritual, and mental- in order to empower students to make informed and healthy decisions.


If you’re looking for information about anything sexual health related, they’ve got you covered. SSH has a Facebook, Instagram, and a website. They give out condoms to promote safe sex (including latex-free), lube, and dental dams. Most importantly, everything is FREE. You do not have to pay to receive any of these items because SSH wants everyone to be able to engage in safe sex. They also hold various events throughout the year, such as their sexual health Trivia Night where they give out prizes ranging from restaurant gift cards to sex toys.


One of the major options that Students for Sexual Health promotes is RubberHub, where you can place an order (through a link on the SSH website) for three to five condoms. The different options include latex-free condoms (if you’re allergic to latex), condoms with or without lube, and up to three dental dams. Again, it is totally FREE. Another important thing about RubberHub is that they mail everything right to your dorm/ house in an inconspicuous and normal-looking package so that you don’t have to worry about others finding out what you’re getting.


Students for Sexual Health strive to make sexual resources more available at Boston College so that students who want and/or need these resources have easy and reliable access to them.