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Everything You Need to Know About the Gold Pass

As we all know, BC employed a new ticketing system this year, the Gold Pass, to make sports all-inclusive for those who purchase it. As a senior hoping to enjoy my last year attending all my favorite BC sports games, there are definitely things about the Gold Pass that make us all very happy and very upset.

First of all, football went swimmingly. Going to each football game this year caused me no trouble with the Gold Pass and I was even a big proponent of it. No complains.

Then, hockey season comes along. Our first BIG game, versus Wisconsin, I was not sent an email in the first round to get a ticket. I think a lot of other people were upset about the same issue as well. Something that BC didn’t really communicate to us was that tickets for the public that were not sold a week prior to the game would be given to students. Also, they neglected to mention that tickets not picked up by students would be first come, first serve at the door. Now, if I had known that ahead of time, I would definitely not have been angry.

One thing I do love about the gold pass is that fan attendance was up big time at that game. As a student, I’m sure you would all agree with me in saying that having a big, rowdy student section is an amazing feeling.

Any issues with the gold pass? I have two. First of all, no seniority. I am not willing to sacrifice my chances at getting Beanpot tickets to freshmen who still have three more years to go here (no offense). I think the seniors will back me up on this. Second of all, after driving 24 hours there AND back to Clemson, we do not receive any points for attending away games. Isn’t the point of this to generate Boston College student spirit and presence at games? I thought so.

Overall, the Gold Pass has it kinks, but the price makes it affordable to be able to go to all types of games. Was I an avid basketball fan? No. But I will definitely be attending games this year.

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