Everything You Need to Know About 2000

What’s the story:

BC purchased 2000 Commonwealth Ave and spent last year completing renovations to make the building an acceptable BC dorm. This August, after being renamed “Reservoir Apartments,” the building welcomed a mix of seniors, juniors, and a few particularly lucky sophomores.

The possible living accommodations include two, three and four-person apartments complete with a full kitchen, common room, bedroom, and bathroom. There is a laundry room on each floor and plenty of spacious lounges throughout the building.


  • You are able to live off campus near the majority of the junior class.
  • 2000 is located exactly between campus and Cleveland Circle, so getting into Boston has never been easier.
  • It is beyond beautiful! I still can’t get over how much space we have. The rooms truly look like a luxury apartment building.
  • There are no bad views from this building! Even those who look out to Comm Ave get to watch the sunset every night.
  • Walk-in closets!


  • Even though we are technically living off campus, we still must comply with all of BC’s fire and safety policies and party policies.
  • It is about a 10-minute walk from 2000 to 2150, (which after living on Newton my freshmen year is barely a con at all).
  • The only truly annoying thing about this building is that residents need an ID to get into the building, to use the elevator, and then you need to tap your ID to get into your room.

Clearing up the rumors:

  • BC did fill in the pool, but the terrace still has lounge chairs and tables that you would expect to find at a beachside cafe-- perfect for tanning, reading, or studying while the weather is still nice.
  • They did remove the gym, but there are now several study and social lounges so you barely have to leave the building.
  • You can’t open the doors to the balcony, but the sliding glass doors and adjacent window allow for so much light in the room.

What people are saying about it:

Lara Lasic ‘18 exclaims, “2000 is one of the best if not the absolute best dorm I’ve ever been in! The building is beautiful and the views of the Res are outstanding!.”

So if you have the opportunity to live in 2000, go for it! Sure, it’s not on campus, but the building is so amazing that it’s worth the walk.