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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

     I, for one, am always getting myself into embarrassing situations. I’m clumsy by nature and just say a lot of stupid things that really if I stopped to think before I spoke would never be said. A perfect example of this happened just last week when I addressed one of my professors by the name ‘Professor Genitalia’. I won’t say her real name (mostly to save both of ourselves from embarrassment) but it’s long and Italian and has pretty much all of the same letters as genitalia, give or take a few T’s and L’s which is what I took by calling her that. 


            Anyway, this professor is in the English department and as an English major I felt it necessary to acquaint myself with her, especially since I was taking her class and could possibly need a letter of recommendation from her one day. All of my hopes of this went out the window when I approached her after class last Monday to ask her a question about the assignment that was due the next class. I walked up to her, pretty confidently, looked her directly in the eyes and said, “Hey, Professor Genitalia, I have a question about the assignment due Wednesday.” I immediately realized what I did and felt awful but there was no saving myself. After an awkward second that felt like an eternity, she replied that calling her by her first name was fine. I nodded and continued on the conversation but the embarrassment lives on.

Notable mentions of stupid things done this week:

– Had an interview for an important position. Emailed Julia and thanked her for giving me the opportunity to interview. Showed up, realized that Julia was actually Julio. 

– A friend recently lost a close family member. While trying to console him, I told him that I emphasized with him, but could not sympathize. I meant to say I sympathized but could not empathize. 

– Suggested, very confidently to a friend that there weren’t any vegan desserts in the dining hall and that we should go to get ice cream instead since it was the closest, vegan option nearby. Ice cream is made with cow’s milk (dairy) and very much not vegan. 










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