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Ed Sheeran’s Divide: A Review

English singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran, released his third studio album, “÷”, in early March with lead singles “Castle on the Hill” and “Shape of You”. Now that we have all had a chance to listen to it through and through, it is time to review this album, song by song.



Starting the album off with a bang, Sheeran shows off his rap skills in this first song with a strong beat and a fun chorus. Although I find it a bit odd listening to him rap, this song works and shows a new musical side of Sheeran that we haven’t yet seen.


Castle on the Hill

As one of the leading singles of the album, this song captures the energy that is featured throughout the album as a whole. Reminiscent of the U2 style of music, “Castle on the Hill” is an upbeat song that will make you smile and think of how lucky we are to still be young.


We change gears again here with “Dive”, a bluesy pop song that really shows off Sheeran’s vocal talent. This song is one of my favorites on the album because of how raw his voice sounds and the emotion that pours out through the lyrics.


Shape of You

This song was another immediate hit from Ed’s new album. With its funk beat, this song topped the charts as soon as it was released and we all fell even more in love with it when Ed performed at the Grammy’s with the help of some loop pedals.



Every girl now dreams of this song playing at her wedding. With lyrics like “Now I know I have met an angel in person and she looks perfect, I don’t deserve this, you look perfect” how could you not swoon?


Galway Girl

This St. Paddy’s Day I’m sure you heard many girls listening to this upbeat, Irish-inspired jam. A stark contrast to the preceding, gentle “Perfect”, this upbeat song is the perfect song to show off your best Irish jig.



Slowing it back down to a more typical Ed Sheeran song about moving on and being the “bigger person” after a heartbreak. He really highlights the struggles one faces when a former love has moved on and is, well, “Happier”.


New Man

This deceptively cheerful song transitions quickly from the sweet, somber melodies of “Happier” to an up-tempo song about an ex who has moved on to this cliché of a horrible guy. Honestly, this guy is the definition of the WOAT with his man purse and the sunglasses that he wears indoors.


Hearts Don’t Break Around Here

This is the kind of song I would imagine to play during a video montage of two people in love.  Specifically, when they are twirling around in slow motion in an open field. Is that just me?


What Do I Know?

This is one of my favorite songs on the album with its breezy style and positive message. “I’m all for people following their dreams, just remember life is more than fitting in your jeans.”


How Would You Feel (Paean)

This is another song that reminds us of the classic, tender love songs that Ed Sheeran has produced time and time again. It is the kind of song you put on at the end of the day to relax and eventually fall asleep.


Supermarket Flowers

This heartbreaking song, tells the story of Sheeran’s grandmother’s death from the perspective of his mother. I would be lying to you if I said that I didn’t shed a tear the first time I hear this song. Some of the touching lyrics include “You were an angel in the shape of my mum” and “You got to see the person I have become”.


To those who have claimed that all of Ed Sheeran’s songs sound the same, his new album is really proving you wrong. Pronounced “Divide” this album has something for everyone including its four bonus tracks “Barcelona”, “Bibia Be Ye Ye”, “Nancy Mulligan” and “Save Myself”. Check it out and hopefully, you will discover a new favorite song!
















Alana is a Senior at Boston College studying Math and Economics. She spent a semester studying in London and traveling throughout Europe. A movie, music, and milk chocolate enthusiast she spends her time quoting Leslie Knope, tagging her friends in puppy instagrams, and taking pictures of her food.