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Eat This, Not That: BC Dining Halls

Raise your hand if you’ve gained any weight during your time at Boston College.  If you didn’t just raise your hand, you’re probably lying. 
Since we go to BC, let’s be honest, most of us are either highly conscientious about nutrition or generally healthy eaters.  Even the boys on campus limit their intake of fries and pizza and instead opt for yogurt and carrots.  Our student body definitely values a balanced diet and regular exercise. 

Sophomores Alissa Avilov and Ellie Charles love eating lunch at Eagle’s Nest, but aren’t always sure what the healthiest options are.

But, without tons of time to work out and somewhat limited dining options, it comes as no surprise that the “Freshman 15” is a part of our first year experience.  A simple way to combat this problem is to simply know what we’re eating.  I would recommend doing some research before your next meal.  BC’s Dining Services provides tons of nutritional information online here.
Two of my favorite magazines are SELF and Glamour, so I have been reading about nutrition for years.  I know all the rules:  no more white breads, don’t drink your calories, eat breakfasts packed with fiber and protein.  But even though I have a high IQ when it comes to healthy eating, I don’t always choose the better option.  Sometimes I walk into Lower and there are so many students that I get overwhelmed and just grab something quickly, disregarding nutritional value. 
If this has ever happened to you, I’m here to help.  Next time you find yourself debating between two options, with your stomach loudly growling and urging you to hurry up, reference this guide for to make the healthier choice. 
Eagle’s Nest/The Rat

–       Salads:  eat grilled chicken, not popcorn chicken
–       Salads:  eat a Flank Steak salad, not a Caesar salad
–       Sandwiches:  eat a West Coast sub, not a Tuscan Chicken sub
–       Yogurt:  eat Chobani, not Yoplait
–       Drinks:  drink water, not anything else (most are packed with sugar)
–       Bagels:  eat whole grain bagels, not white bagels

Freshmen Michaela Farrell and Gianna Janney sometimes wonder whether Chobani or Yoplait yogurt is healthier.  While both are a great source of dairy, Chobani offers more protein and less sodium and cholesterol.


–       Breakfast:  eat sausage, not bacon
–       Breakfast:  eat a McB on an English muffin, not a bagel with egg and cheese
–       Cereal:  eat Cheerios, not Coco Puffs
–       Lunch:  eat a Buffalo Chicken wrap, not a Honey-Q Chicken wrap
–       Packaged sandwiches:  eat a Sesame Beef wrap, not an Italian sub
–       Dinner:  eat a steak & cheese, not a chicken quesadilla
–       Pasta:  eat marina sauce, not crème sauce du jour
–       Late night:  eat French fries, not mozzarella sticks
–       Late night:  eat a mini pepperoni pizza, not chicken tenders

Chocolate Bar
Mysteriously, there is no nutritional information listed for the Chocolate Bar’s chocolatey temptations.  But, as a Starbuck’s barista, here are my personal suggestions for ordering a healthier drink:

–       Vanilla Latte:  drink  non-fat milk with sugar-free vanilla, not 2% milk with regular vanilla
–       White mocha:  drink an Americano with white mocha, not a regular white mocha
–       Mocha:  drink a soy mocha with half the pumps of mocha syrup, not a regular  mocha


–       Omelets:  eat egg whites with feta cheese, not regular eggs with cheddar cheese
–       Packaged salads:  eat the Walnut Harvest Salad, not the Chef Salad with Ham and Cheese
–       Baked goods:  eat a Chocolate Croissant, not an Apple Fritter
–       Soup:  eat Chicken Noodle, not Three-bean Chili
–       Panini’s:  eat a Tuscan Pesto Cheese, not a Baja Chicken
–       Sandwiches:  eat a Turkey & Brie, not a Boston Beef

Sophomore Meghan Wenger knows she can treat herself to a delicious Hillside burger every once in a while, especially when she complements it with fruit, like apples and bananas.

If you’re standing in line for a Hillside burger, wondering how to craft a healthier burger, my advice is go big or go home.  If you’ve been making healthy, nutritional choices all week, you can enjoy a burger and fries worry-free!
Happy meal-plan eating!

* Author’s note: Nutritional information for Stuart dining hall has not been included as I have never lived on Newton.

Katie Moran is a junior at Boston College, majoring in Communication. Originally from Seattle, she loves the East Coast but misses her rainy days and Starbucks coffees. On campus, Katie is involved with Sub Turri Yearbook, the Appalachia Volunteer Program, UGBC Women's Issues Team, Cura, and the Women's Resource Center Big Sister Program. She loves reading, watching "Friends," and exploring new places. She has a passion for creating and hopes to begin a career in marketing and advertising.
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