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Eagle Eye News Anchor: Patrick Gallagher

Name: Patrick Gallagher
Year: Class of 2013
Hometown: Manasquan, New Jersey
Studying: Political Science & Communication
How did you get involved with Eagle Eye News?
I’ve always been interested in television and was actually one of the news anchors for my high school’s homeroom news show.  Then, last semester I took a studio television production class and learned a lot more about it.  The exectutive producer of the show, Katie Tusch, was in my class too, and she encouraged me to join so then this semester I signed up.
Do you intend to become a real news anchor?
No, I don’t think so.  I don’t think that I could compete with Anderson Cooper or anyone like that, but you never know!


What is the best part of being a newscaster for the news show?
I’d say the best part is seeing the finished videos played on the campus TV channel and online.  I like the fact that it reaches the entire student body and can encourage people to go to the many events that BC clubs and organizations are holding.  You don’t realize how much is happening on any given day and so I enjoy reporting it to the whole BC community so that they can take advantage of all that BC has to offer.
Where do you get most of the news featured on the show?
We cover upcoming campus events so I find them everywhere-flyers on campus, Facebook events, e-mails from list serves, and the university event calendar.  Plus we recently started an email address so that clubs can email us directly to have their event announced.  It’s [email protected].
What do you hope people get from watching the show?
I hope that they hear about all the exciting events coming up!  There are so many fun activities and things to do at BC but it also can be easy to miss them.  Our webmail inboxes get flooded and it’s overwhelming how many flyers are hanging in the O’Neill staircase.  Eagle Eye News makes it easy for students to quickly hear about everything that’s coming up in a short, fun video.
Latest Episode:
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