Don't Miss Out: Coolidge Corner Theatre

As the new semester begins and we all begin to wonder why we ever left the comfort (and lack of responsibility) of home, it’s important to remember that there’s more to this wonderful city we call our temporary home than O’Neill and Addies. So, when life here at BC gets to be too much and you’re looking for an escape: check out Coolidge Corner Theatre! Between the old-timey feel of the theatre’s art-deco interior and the fact that it tends to run cheaper than its mainstream counterparts, Coolidge Corner Theatre is no stranger to BC students. Yet, it has so much more to offer than swanky Instagram photos and a comfy seat to watch the most recent Marvel movie. With that said, here are a few of the opportunities the theatre offers that you should be sure to take advantage of this semester!


Student Discount!


Luckily, Coolidge seems to understand that pretty much all college kids are broke, and so offers “Student Thursdays,” all you have to do is show them your BC ID and your ticket may cost as little as $9 where it would usually be $13! Not only is this great for financial reasons, but it also means that the moviehouse audience on thursdays tends to be made up of college students from all over the area, which makes for a pretty fun crowd.


Special Screenings


The theatre offers a unique screening pretty much every week, ranging from double or triple showings to showcase entire series in one night to hosting actors, directors, and other experts to run post-screening discussions. Here are a few of those screenings to look out for in the next few weeks:


February 6th: If Beale Street Could Talk on 70 mm, featuring a post-film discussion on criminal justice reform moderated by Dr. Raul Fernandez.

February 14th: Valentine’s Day showing of the modern classic Lost in Translation, starring Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray.

February 11th: Inside Out, featuring a pre-showing discussion by Dr. Lisa Feldman on how the brain constructs emotions.


Snacks, Snacks, Snacks!


I was raised on the common notion that theatre candy and drinks are ridiculously overpriced, so I’m usually more likely to leave for the movie 30 minutes early just to stop at a convenience store for snacks than I am to spend $5 on a box of M&Ms. However, Coolidge has a great selection and absolutely amazing popcorn at prices that are actually reasonable! The real star, of course, is the fully stocked bar that looks more like it belongs in a quirky restaurant than a movie theatre. Grabbing snacks and a drink before the show really contributes to the overall amazing experience of seeing a film at Coolidge Corner!


P.S. If you’re still not satisfied with the candy selection or just refuse to buy anything from a movie theatre on principal, another plus to this place is the CVS across the street so feel free to run in before the show! Just wear a coat with big pockets for smuggling it in (not that I really think they would stop you)!



So there you have it! Most students are aware of this theatre; they see the glowing marquee when they’re coming out of Otto or walking down Beacon St., but they still don’t know just how many cool programs are run out of this theatre every day! Next time you’re looking  for something to do, head on over to the Coolidge Corner website and see what’s happening: