Delicious Thanksgiving Cocktails

If you are 21 or over, Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to try delicious cocktail recipes. You can find which one you like the most and which ones go best with your favorite Thanksgiving foods. Here are a few cocktails to liven up you holiday.

1. Moscow Mule

You can’t think Fall without thinking Moscow Mule. The ginger beer gives a kick to the drink that I really enjoy. If vodka is your drink of choice, you’ll enjoy this cocktail. The mix of lime juice, vodka, and ginger beer lead to one tasty holiday.

2. Apple Cider Mojito

An autumnal change on the classic mojito, this drink will dazzle your taste buds with the feeling of Fall. The apple and cinnamon taste mixed with the classic mint leads to one interesting cocktail to try this Thanksgiving.

3. Apple Pie Sangria

If your favorite part of Thanksgiving is the apple pie dessert, this is the drink for you! This twist on regular sangria means you can make a whole pitcher of it to share with your whole group of friends and family… or make just enough for yourself. Either way, enjoy!

4. Cranberry Margarita

Another drink based on a Thanksgiving dish- the cranberry sauce you love so much. Not only does it taste amazing, the bold red color and the cranberries garnishing the top lend themselves to a classy touch. Make yourself this drink if you’re looking to impress and to enjoy a delicious cocktail.

5. Spiced Mulled Wine

Who doesn’t love a good cup of spiced wine during the holiday season? It may seem more like a Christmas drink- and you can definitely enjoy it then- but it is also amazing to have during Thanksgiving. This spiced drink will go wonderfully with the carved turkey or with the pie. It’s your choice.  

Enjoy trying these festive cocktails, and remember to drink responsibly. Happy Thanksgiving!