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In Defense of Lululemon

When you walk around campus at BC, you are bound to see the reflective “stylized A” on the back of workout gear everywhere you look.  I won’t lie to y’all, a couple years ago I was pretty skeptical—I didn’t understand the prices or the obsession—and if you’ve heard the negative press that Lululemon has garnered over the past year, you might be skeptical too.  I spoke with Josh Rogers, a Lululemon ambassador who also holds the title of co-owner of Results Fitness in Nashville, TN, a kick-ass trainer, and all around wonderful guy.  Josh promises, “After you wear it once, you’ll never work out in anything else!”  If that’s not endorsement enough, I’m here to give you five reasons why you should consider Lululemon a worthwhile brand.

  1. They produce quality.  I’m sure you’ve heard about the see-through leggings that caused the stocks of the company to plummet last year, provoking outcry from Lulu wearers everywhere.  But let me just say, people make mistakes, and this hasn’t affected the quality of their other products.  I’ve been wearing Lululemon for two years and I have never had to replace a jacket or pair of pants due to diminishing quality.  Eventually things will wear out from constant use, but as far as quality goes, this stuff holds up pretty well.  If you take care of your things and wash and dry as recommended, investing in quality workout gear is worth it.  My Lulu has outlasted all of my other “branded” workout clothes that get used weekly.
  2. There is variety.  If you like workout tops, cropped running pants, shorts, yoga pants, winter-weather gear, etc., you can find it at Lulu.  If you’re thinking of investing in a pair, go to the store instead of ordering online.  They can help you find the style that is right for your lifestyle and explain the different fits.  Some of their clothing is made for yoga, while other pieces are crafted for long-distance runners.  Buy for the type of workout you actually practice and you won’t be disappointed.  In addition, they always make clothes in a variety of patterns and styles—there is always something new to scope out!
  3. Other brands are becoming just as expensive.  The argument against the expensive price of Lulu is ongoing, but let me just say, it is not the only company charging a pretty penny for their products.  Lululemon’s crops and pants range from $72-$98.  Athleta (owned by the same company as Gap and Old Navy) prices its bottoms between $64-$89, putting them in the same range.   Patagonia runs workout pants up to $99.  Even Underarmour produces workout pants for $99.  Sure, there are definitely discount brands, but among its competitors, Lulu is not an outlier—and then quality and style justifies the price.
  4. It’s lifestyle clothing.  Their clothing is slowly reaching an on-the-go market, not just a workout crowd.  With the versatility of many of their pieces, you can wear your Lulu gear around all day, and then throw on the tennis shoes to hit the gym later.  In addition, their clothing has a magical quality—it fits well.  When you try on great workout gear, it makes you want to work out, promoting a healthy lifestyle. 
  5. The salespeople are incredibly knowledgeable.  They know about different kinds of workouts, they know about how different pants fit, and they know what you are looking for—even if you don’t.  They are friendly and most importantly, they love the brand!

Moral of the story: there have been problems in the past, but these issues don’t undermine the greatness of this brand.  Don’t knock it before you try it, you will be pleasantly surprised!


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