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Dear Freshmen: Homesick on the Heights?

Dear Freshmen,

Though it’s a bit late, I would first like to welcome you to Boston College.  Now that the first month of college has come to an end, hopefully you are getting used to the craziness of meeting new people and living with total strangers.  As time passes, though the past weeks were exciting, you may start to feel like you want to settle in now.  There may be a certain urge to want to feel comfortable, as if you were at home.     

There’s no need to be scared because I’m sure a lot of other freshmen are thinking the same thing too.  That’s sure as well how I felt last year.  I started to miss my friends back at home and the home-cooked meals that mom made (now that you’re starting to get sick of BC food, well more like the lack of variety).  I missed the brother I used to always argue with.  I missed my own room with the poster of my then-favorite artist and I missed having privacy at times.  I missed the places my friends and I would go to just bum out.  I missed my favorite bakery.  I just missed everything.  

It’s comforting to know that almost everyone goes through this.  Whether you’re from 3,000 miles away or just 30 minutes north of Boston, being in a completely new environment is tough.  You think you’re the only one breaking down, crying in your dorm room?  But as homesick as you may be, you shouldn’t just sit around missing the familiarities of home.   You’re going to be here for four years and you might as well find ways to make it work for you.

The best way to feel less homesick is to make a home for yourself at BC.  What I would recommend is to get involved with something on campus.  There are so many groups and organizations for different causes and different people.  There’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of the resources that we, as Boston College students, pay for.  As you join UGBC’s Event Management Team or attend culture club meetings, you will keep yourself busy and soon you’ll start to miss home less.  By joining clubs, you will also make more friends and hopefully meet people you are able to bond with.  Though it may be a bit frustrating in the beginning when it seems like you can’t find your group of friends, just keep in mind that there are about 9,000 other undergraduates at Boston College.  You will find someone that shares the same values as you, someone that makes you laugh and someone that is just like you.  After meeting these people, it will be a process of finding who you are and what type of friends you want to be surrounded with.

Put yourself out there.  It sounds scary, but honestly, meeting people is the best cure for homesickness.  Go on the 48 Hours retreat with First Year Experience to meet other kids in your grade.  Ask around and talk with upperclassmen about how they dealt with homesickness.  Go out of your comfort zone and try new things.

College may be a bit overwhelming, especially for those who have never been away from home until now.  But hang in there.  You already survived a month.  The next thing you know, it’s going to be Thanksgiving break and then you will be back home for winter vacation wanting to come back to Boston.  So try your best to really enjoy every moment here, the good and the bad.  You only have your freshman year once!

Good luck, freshmen!

Love, Her Campus

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