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Daylight Savings time described by Parks and Recreation

It’s that time of year again when the sun begins to set before you have even finished classes for the day. That’s right, it’s Daylight Savings time. These are the days that get dark earlier and that also signals the beginning of the chilly season. Here are some classic Parks and Recreation moments that apply to this special time of year.


1. When you realize you get that extra hour of sleep.

2. The people who decided to implement Daylight Savings time

3. You at 1:59 am knowing that Daylight Savings is about to start and you’re about to go back in time to 1:00 am.

 4. When you’re not totally sure whether you’re ready for Daylight Savings time or not.

5. When you wake up late on the weekend and realize there are only four hours of sunlight left for you to enjoy.

6. When you start to realize the extended darkness is having a negative affect on your mental health.

7. When you walk to class and it’s sunny but then you leave class and it’s dark out.

8. When you walk outside past 5:00 pm and realize it’s cold and dark and your bed is warm and light. 

9. When you rationalize that shorter daylight means a shorter day so you have to work hard.

10. When you’re in the midst of Daylight Savings and you still don’t understand why it is a thing but you’re just here living it.


If Daylight Savings isn’t your thing, hopefully, you can learn to find a little light in this long darkness. For now, just enjoy Parks and Recreation.
























Alexandra is a Senior History major with an English minor at Boston College who can always be found procrastinating by reading books or watching Netflix. She is known for making puns so bad that not even her friends laugh at them (but she always does). Her favorite ice cream flavor is Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey. Favorite movies include When Harry Met Sally, Dead Poets Society, and The Princess Bride.
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