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The Dating Doctor Brings Back the Date

I’m sure many of you BC students have heard of Kerry Cronin. On campus, she is the infamous Date Doctor. She also happens to be a professor in the Philosophy Department, the Associate Director of the Lonergan Institute, and works in the Center for Student Formation. Needless to say, she is a busy, amazing, and inspirational woman. Through all of this, she always finds time to devote to BC students that she doesn’t teach or help in the office, with the confusing subject of dating. 

BC’s hook-up culture is known all over campus, and Cronin has pinned it to a tee. Listening to her speak makes you feel as though she has eyes all over campus, at all hours of the day…and night… She speaks the truth and tries to inspire students all over to bring back the date. Particularly, in the classroom, she assigns her students a dating assignment. This drew attention from all over campus and had students both terrified and excited. Some students were terrified, but joined the class so that they were forced to face their fears of asking someone on a date regardless of their uncertainties.

Cronin is an incredible public speaker and knows exactly how to connect to her audience. She has spoken not only at BC, but also at other colleges such as Fairfield University and Providence College. On February 10th, Cronin gave a talk to hundreds of students on BC’s campus entitled, “Bring Back The Date.” She challenged all people in attendance to do the same dating assignment that she would assign her students. The rules are as follows:

  1. You must ask the person out in person or on the phone.
  2. The person must be someone that you are legitimately interested in.
  3. The date must be a level one date.  In other words, it is meant to learn about the other person, it should last between 60 and 90 minutes, and it should be local.  She suggests coffee, White Mountain (who would ever say no?), or Crazy Dough’s Pizza.
  4. The person that does the asking must plan the date and pay.
  5. There is no alcohol or physical interaction allowed except for an A-frame hug. 

Sound scary? Sound exciting? Well, Cronin presents this challenge to BC students in hopes that you complete it. One thing she adds at the end of her talk is that this may not be about finding the love of your life, but it is definitely about courage, and finding that courage within yourself and knowing that you can accomplish a daunting task, like asking someone on a date. 

Whether or not you fulfill her challenge, I recommend you go to see Professor Cronin speak because she is an incredible public speaker, date doctor, professor, and woman.


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