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Creative and Yummy Halloween Treats!

Halloween is almost here! And I know that I am most excited for all of the delicious candy that comes with it. But besides the candy, there are so many other fun Halloween-themed treats to have! Whether you are planning a Halloween get together and need fun snacks to serve or you just want to get baking, here are some fun ideas to get you in the spirit of Halloween!

Hot Dog Mummies

This treat is a great alternative to the typically sweet treats we have on Halloween. First, preheat your oven to 375 degrees. Next, use Pillsbury crescent roll dough and cut the dough into strips. After cutting the dough, cut the hot dog to create limbs. Wrap the crescent roll dough around the hot dog in order to create the appearance of bandages. Finally, bake the mummies for approximately 13 minutes or until the dough appears golden brown. Feel free to use mustard and ketchup to get creative with decorating once the mummies are out of the oven!

Rice Krispies Pumpkins

These pumpkins put a twist on your typical Rice Krispies bars! Start by making Rice Krispies bars as you normally would. However, before adding the Rice Krispies to the butter and marshmallow mix, add drops of yellow and red food coloring until you get your desired orange color. Next, roll the Rice Krispies into little balls to get the pumpkin shape while still warm. Lastly, decorate the Rice Krispies ball to make them look like pumpkins by putting half of a tootsie roll into the top and by cutting a green fruit rollup to create the leaf. Enjoy!


Halloween Graveyard Brownies

Combing a cookie and a brownie, and adding the spirit of Halloween creates a perfect treat! Begin by baking brownies in whatever way you normally would. After making the brownies, decorate Milano wafer cookies by writing things such as “RIP” or any other creative thing you would expect to find on a tombstone. Next, place the Milano wafer into the brownie in an upright position. Lastly, decorate the brownie with frosting and candy pumpkins to get the graveyard feel. Be warned: these brownies are to die for!

Ghost Pretzels

This spooky snack is perfect because they are incredible easy to make! Begin by melting white chocolate and dipping pretzels into it. Be sure that after dipping the pretzels, you get rid of any excess chocolate in the bottom hole of the pretzel, for you want this to look like a mouth. After coating your desired amount of pretzels, add candy eye balls to the top portion of the pretzel. These candy eyeballs can be found at Target and Walmart. Lastly, put them in the freezer for approximately 15 minutes to allow the chocolate to harden.

Halloween Chex Mix

Lastly, here is a treat for the non-baking population. All that you need to do for this yummy treat is combine a variety of goodies into one bowl! I recommend adding M&Ms, pretzels, caramel corn, rice Chex, and candy corn. However, the good thing about this recipe if that you can feel free to add whatever you want to make it truly your own. I highly encourage you to get creative with this recipe and tailor it to your taste!

There are so many different Halloween inspired snacks out there, so I hope you are inspired to get baking! If none of these crafty goodies inspired you, I encourage you to look harder because there is really something out there for everyone to make and get into the spirit of Halloween.


Hi, I'm Fallon! I'm a senior at Boston College and this year's BC campus correspondent. I am a communications major and marketing minor and I am originally from St. Paul, Minnesota. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends, catching up on Netflix, and exploring Boston!
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