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Crash Course in French Dressing 1: Collegiette™ Style

Chloe Green-Vamos is a junior at Boston College, studying abroad in Paris, France for the fall semester.  Obsessed with fashion and French culture, you can imagine Chloe is absolutely in awe to be living in Paris!  When not in the classroom, she will be taking notes on the streets of Paris about fashion, style, and elegance.  This is a series about everything Chloe is learning from the women of France.

Paris.  It’s the “City of lights,” the “City of love,”
and unequivocally the City of fashion.  I witnessed all three aspects of the city during my four weeks in Paris this summer, but none was more evident than fashion, La Mode.  It’s as if Paris was founded on fashion and built to showcase it.  The beautiful architecture, magnificent art, and scenic Seine are a mere backdrop for Parisian Haute Couture and savvy street style.  The wide boulevards and the cobblestone streets serve as sartorial catwalks.  There is something very intellectual about the way French people dress.  Each ensemble is a meticulously constructed piece of art.  The women ooze sophistication, never without red lipstick and their stilettos (even while riding a bike in a skirt!).
This is what I love about Paris and a major reason in my decision to study in Paris at the Sorbonne this fall.  A hub of art, culture, history, and fashion makes Paris a perfect place for me to learn.  My four weeks in Paris this summer was a mere crash course in French dressing.  This fall I hope to become an expert in Parisian style.  Though I still have much to learn, I learned the five wardrobe basics that no French woman seemed to be without.  These items can instantly give any collegiette™that ever-alluring “je ne sais quoi” of a French woman.
1. The Classic Blazer
The blazer can instantly dress up your look! You can layer it over everything from a t-shirt to your LBD.

2. The scarf
Scarves can be tied many ways and add a pop of color and excitement to any outfit.

3. Hosiery
Ditch the boring black tights!  French women embrace patterned and colorful hosiery with basic black minis (another wardrobe staple for French women).

4. Ballet Flats
These timeless shoes are comfortable and cute, whether you are a dancer or not.  Repetto flats are the preferred brand for French women.

5. The Breton
The French love their stripes!  This iconic look can be worn as a shirt, sweater or even a dress.

These French basics will be the foundation for my wardrobe during my four months in Paris.  During the fall semester, I will be immersed in language and culture.  Hopefully with an eye towards fashion, these staples will transform me from a student in France to a French student.

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Chloe Green-Vamos joined the Her Campus team as a Branch Manager in September 2011. In this role she oversees 5 new My Campus branches and works with very talented writers and leaders in colleges across the U.S. Chloe first became involved with Her Campus in January of 2011 as a contributing writer for Her Campus BC. Chloe is a junior at Boston College in the A&S Honors Program majoring in French and Communication. Chloe spends her spare time doing yoga, cooking(what do you expect from a Southern girl),shopping and daydreaming about travel.
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