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CoRo: Your Life is Not Over

How pissed were all of us when we found out that we were not only not living in an 8-man suite, but also not on Lower campus with all of the other upperclassmen?  Freshmen, I know how you feel.  Last year’s housing was one of the most stressful parts of second semester.  With housing lottery falling immediately after spring break, there is little time to prepare or throw a group of 8 random girls together.  However, after living this year as a sophomore on College Road (CoRo), I have found a few perks that made living up here well, not so bad.

1.     You can wake up 10 minutes before class, grab breakfast, and still be on time.
2.     You can roll out of bed on a Sunday morning to eat brunch at Mac and don’t have to worry about impressing any of the freshmen.
3.     It’s faster to get off campus from the CoRo bus stop because you don’t have to wait for 10 minutes at Conte.  This is especially nice if it is cold outside (or snowing in April – such a joke).
4.     You can taunt the drunk freshmen out of your Roncalli window as they are going up the Upper stairs.
5.     You do not need to clean your own bathroom.  Trust me, whether it is girls or guys, the bathrooms can get really disgusting.
6.     You don’t need to clean your room after a huge rager on the weekend (because most likely, you will not throw huge ragers in your double).

  7.     You are closer to the Eagle’s Nest’s Caesar salads, Tuscan chicken sandwiches, and the BEST chocolate chip cookies.
8.     You are closer to the Chocolate Bar – hello iced lattés and cookies and cream frappes!
9.     You can walk down Hammond Street to the Chestnut Hill T stop (D line) so you don’t have to wait for the bus to Reservoir.
10.  You can walk to the Chestnut Hill Atrium Mall and Newton Center.
11.  You are closer to Bapst, for those intense studiers.
12.  There is a bond between fellow CoRo-ers.  CoRo-ers love not walking back across campus alone on the weekends, so making friends is key.

For those of you who had unfortunate luck in the housing lottery, you can see that living up here really is not that bad.  And just think, at least you didn’t end up in Greycliff or on Upper as a sophomore!  Be sure to make it a fun year and hang out in your friends’ 8-mans on Lower.  Keep it classy, CoRo!
(If you are still bitter about housing, watch this Inglourious Basterds parody about the BC housing lottery.)

**Correction:  The parody is of “Downfall.”

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Melanie is a senior at Boston College. 
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