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A Collegiette’s Best and Worst Everyday Moments

One day last year, I wandered into the Rat alone, expecting to have an antisocial lunch between classes with just me, my headphones, and Facebook.  Much to my surprise, I found all of my close friends sitting at a table!  Most of us probably don’t give much thought to these fun little life moments, but for some reason, this one unexpected surprise sparked a discussion among my friends and me. 
Don’t you just love those times when something simply goes your way, those feelings that incite a wild dance party within the very depths of your soul?  It turns out these are almost as fun to come up with as they are to experience, so my friends and I randomly compiled our list of the best (and the worst) feelings into a Word doc, where it sat collecting dust for the past year.  Fortunately, I recently rediscovered it and thought it would be something my fellow collegiettes would also enjoy.  In no particular order, here is a sample of some of the best and worst life moments!

The Best:

  1. Finding money in articles of clothing (especially when you take out your winter coats for the first time all season).  Speaking of clothing, when you find something in the depths of your closet that you forgot you owned.
  2. Finishing a paper and walking out of a final.  This is similar to the feeling you may get after you finish an awesome workout.  I often find myself actually patting myself on the back after any of these events occur.
  3. When professors get excited about a comment you make in class.  On that note, overall bonding with a professor.
  4. Pulling up to a parking meter and seeing it has plenty of time left.  Also, there is nothing better than a perfect parallel parking job on the first try.
  5. Facebook birthday notifications.  Equally as exciting: getting mail!  I love getting invitations to parties or long letters from a far-away friend.   
  6. Your food being brought to you at a restaurant and it looks amazing, or even better, when you go to the restroom only to come back and see your food is sitting there, waiting for you.  This picture demonstrates how I usually look in this situation (actually before most meals…).
  7. Making a fantastic playlist.  This gets even better if someone compliments you on it.
  8. When you hear the first Christmas song of the holiday season.  Anything concerning the holiday season, for that matter.
  9. Baking cookies and purposely taking them out too soon.  The result: warm, doughy pieces of heaven.
  10. Waking up in the middle of the night or in the middle of a nap, but then realizing you have plenty of time left to sleep before you have to get up.

And the Worst:

  1. Arriving to class and realizing you didn’t do an assignment that was due that day.  Runners up in this category: getting called on when you don’t know the answer and starting an exam and realizing you don’t know the answer to the first question.
  2. Getting Chobani on anything.
  3. Turning off the lights and getting into bed, but then realizing you forgot to grab something and have to get back up.
  4. Sneezing while driving.
  5. When you get really excited to eat leftovers in your fridge and you open it up only to find out someone else ate them.
  6. When you’re really excited to order something specific at a restaurant and they don’t have it that day. This is kind of like when I walk into White Mountain solely to get Cookie Monster… and they don’t have it.
  7. Running to get the Comm Ave bus and just missing it.  The worst is when the bus driver sees you and chooses to keep driving away.
  8. Missing a spot shaving.  Ugh.
  9. Losing your BC ID (often elicits some sh!t BC girls say!)
  10. Being the first person to get cut off for Hillside omelets.  That’s a day ruin-er.

What’d we miss?!  Share your little best and worst moments with us!
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