College Admissions…Two Years Later

Dear Baby Bro,

It’s weird to think that in five short months, you are going to officially be an adult. Yes, I know that you are already 18, but you are still in high school, so even though you’re legally an adult, I still can’t see you as one. But in five months, you will graduate from high school, and suddenly it’s all about finding a roommate, moving into college, trying to get into a frat and getting over the C you got on your first test (don’t worry, it’s a right of passage for everyone). You have been on a wild ride this last year and while I’ve been a little separated from it, I can’t help but think back to my memories of my senior year and my college admissions process.

It seems that while so many things were different between us, there were more things that brought us together. I definitely should have applied to some rolling admissions places because the fact that you have already heard back from eight schools blows my mind. By this time, I had only heard back from one. You did the tours, walking around campus trying to get a feel of everything. You walked away from Oregon State, and I walked away from UVA in seconds; we both knew that those schools were not going to be good for us.

And on top of all this stress we had to somehow still focus on school (even though I know we both did a pretty bad job on that). There were senior games, meets for cross country and softball, and final banquets and while we were sad (admit it you were a little sad) that we were leaving, we were twenty times more excited to be leaving. We had to get through finals because even though we wanted to blow them off so badly, Mom and Dad would kill us.

And then that day came. The day when we realized that we had found the school that we wanted to go through. Granted, you came to this conclusion three months before I did, but it still happened. And then we filled in the online forms and submitted our deposits and that was that. Now instead of just being high-school graduates, we were now official college students. I will admit bro, you went about this process much more calmly than I did. I still remember all the frantic editing and pro and cons lists, the crazy amount of research I did on every school and low key stalking all the different Facebook groups. Those were the days, I guess, but just like how I am seriously enjoying my time at BC, I know that you will definitely enjoy your time at college.

Congratulations on committing to Indiana University! I couldn’t be more proud of you. I know that you are going to have an amazing time there and I can’t wait to visit you in your dorm, go to a football game, and see you as not only my little brother, but as an adult too. Enjoy the rest of your senior year and I’ll see you in a couple of weeks for spring break.



P.S. I want an Indiana sweatshirt!