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The Coffee To Order For Your Every Mood

Coffee – what would we do without it? On those days you are sick of your usual coffee, never again feel confused as to what to order – here is a guide to BC coffees that match your mood. As a coffee addict myself, sometimes I am lost at the counter when choosing what to order. Therefore, here is what to order if you are feeling…

Rushed/stressed: Go for a classic iced coffee. You will feel refreshed with the cool drink while getting your caffeine fix, and sometimes sticking to simple foods and drinks is the best way to lower stress.

A sweet tooth: If you are looking for a tasty drink that also gives you a caffeine boost, a mocha latte is the way to go. Combining the tastes of coffee and hot chocolate allows you to get the best of both worlds. You can get it iced as well!

Dead tired: An espresso (up to 3 shots) will get you moving for those 9am classes. Beware of the espresso for those who are not common coffee drinkers – it is very strong, but sometimes necessary. Add milk to tone down the taste if necessary.

Sick: Whether you have a stuffy nose or a sore throat, a warm tea will get you feeling better. I recommend trying the hibiscus Peet’s tea or the passion Tazo tea if you are looking for something more flavorful. Adding honey is an extra way to start feeling better!

Festive: The seasonal drinks at the Chocolate Bar are perfect for you. Right now get your hands on the pumpkin spice latte or apple cider while the leaves are still falling.

Cozy/cold: Recently I have started drinking cappuccinos and they have become my favorite drink to warm up with. With a strong coffee taste and the addition of foam, cappuccinos are great for cold weather and to mix it up from your normal coffee routine. Make sure to try a cappuccino this winter!

With a cold winter and lots of midterms ahead, make sure to get the right amount of coffee/specialty drinks you need to stay warm and focused! Hopefully this list will lead you in the right direction.


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