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Cleansing: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The cleanse craze is at an all-time high. Every time I turn around, one of my close friends is “cleansing.” Now, there are a TON of different kinds of cleanses, and many of them undeniably sound appealing, especially to those trying to lose weight.

Cleanses have been construed to mean quick and easy weight loss by sharply decreasing a person’s calorie intake. Although the term indicates a kind of purification of the body, in many ways cleanses tend to rely much more on deprivation.

The mentality with which someone approaches a cleanse can also completely shape the kinds of benefits that can be reaped. For instance, often times a person will choose to go on a cleanse with the purpose of pinpointing an item in their diet that may be causing them health problems. If this is the case, a cleanse can be extremely helpful.

Cleanses can be good in trying to help you feel better if you have an allergy or some aversion to food, but cutting out everything is not good for you. If you are interested in losing weight by a cleanse, you should consult a nutritionist to come up with a detailed plan that will fit your own individual needs.

“Cleansing” by way of deprivation ultimately is not healthy for your body. Often, a cleanse that claims to make you lose weight really only helps you to lose water weight. After being on a cleanse and depriving your body of necessary nutrition, many people will find that they may binge eat because they feel that the cleanse justifies it.

If you are interested in making healthier choices, it is prudent to slowly adjust your habits rather than throwing yourself into a cleanse that could ultimately set you back even further.


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