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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

Today, I would like to introduce to you a field that I personally thought about venturing into back in April—one that is often overlooked by many and entirely unknown by many more: Petroleum Engineering.

To be honest, due in part to the absence of an engineering program here, this is not a career path that BC graduates will undertake. But, just rest your chin on your hand and skim through. It’s actually the 6th best paying jobs of 2014 according to CareerCast. Not surprisingly, the salary is a major attraction. With merely a Bachelor’s Degree, petroleum engineers make roughly $130,000 per year.

According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, petroleum engineers design and create a profitable system of oil and gas extraction. In modern society today, oil is a necessity that fuels daily work. Thus, maximum recovery of oil will empower the people and increase the productivity of our society as a whole. At the same time, these endeavors should not cause environmental devastation. Therefore, petroleum engineers are parts of a global force that strives to maximize oil efficiency and promote environmental-friendly methods.

On a final note, reservoir petroleum engineers are especially important. Through collaboration with specialists of different fields, they develop a plan for both cost and environmentally effective reservoirs. They conduct researches to enhance recovery performance and apply innovative reservoir optimization techniques while prioritizing the protection of the ecosystem.

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